Ugh. No.

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Apr 08, 2019
3:24 PM EDT
The world had better hope that the information in the article is false.

If FOSS developers are motivated to code/fix purely based on direct salary for their efforts... they'll become just as good as commercial software developers (because they will be the same). Which pretty much means, apathetic.

Don't let money be your motivator. And at the same time, FOSS users, employee a FOSS developer, they need food, shelter, etc.

But let the FOSS developer "be" what they need to be.

We (former IBMers) are all hoping and praying that IBM doesn't culturize the Red Hat folks. I can't imagine a worse fate.


Apr 16, 2019
4:23 PM EDT
Well, what is running FOSS right now is a combo of non-technical "social" causes and lust for writing new code.

May 07, 2019
2:41 PM EDT
FOSS developers have to pay their mortgages and bills and feed their families, just like everyone else. The big corporations pay the vast majority of FOSS developers and are therefore enabling FOSS code to continue to be developed. Oh, and yes, I know, I work for a startup. I'd be very happy if we're bought out eventually. I'd cash in nicely. That would insure a comfortable retirement when the time comes.

So... I see this as part of the natural evolution of FOSS.

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