Flatpak, Snap : what's your opinion ?

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Nov 15, 2019
4:14 AM EDT
I have never installed any of these and therfore don't know hidden details. I understood that these 'containers' 'embed' tons of libraries for a signe application to work anywhere. That would fill up storage quite quickly. One argument would be 'security', though I didn't fully understand how, and security for who, for what ? Personally, the huge storage requirement is not very appealing. What do you think of these ? For personal computing, I think it's an overkill.

[Side note : Karlitschek seems to be targeting a daisy world... hmmm... won't happen, thought I'm a fan of NextCloud.]

[Erratum : read 'though ' instead of 'thought ']

Nov 15, 2019
10:10 AM EDT
Both Snaps and Flatpacks were designed primarily for the benefit of developers to distribute their software more easily across all Linux distros.

What they were not designed for was user storage efficiency (with all the contained libraries in each), or performance (usually noticeably slower).

This kind of continues the trend of GNOME and KDE over the past several years. The developers develop for their needs and desires, with those of users secondary.

Such is the challenge with free open source software, in my opinion.

Nov 17, 2019
4:49 PM EDT
> what's your opinion ?

A solution in search of a problem.

Nov 21, 2019
9:42 AM EDT
I'm using a Flatpak in Debian 10 to get the latest version of Apache Netbeans. It works great. I have a super-stable base system and a much newer app that otherwise isn't packaged at all for Debian Stable. It's the perfect situation.

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