This is why I love the Linux Mint developers

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Jun 03, 2020
8:35 AM EDT
The Linux Mint developers have always had a user priority focus, and this is why Mint has been my primary OS for years now. They try to cleanse the stupid from Canonical's never-ending experiments that benefit Canonical, but don't benefit users.

I feel the time is coming near that Mint will make LMDE their primary focus for this reason.

Jun 20, 2020
11:29 AM EDT
>>They try to cleanse the stupid from Canonical's never-ending experiments that benefit Canonical, but don't benefit users.>> Canonical deploys Openstack Clouds via Snap. Thus my major concern would be - which one of Canonical or Mint is stupid ?

Jun 21, 2020
10:00 AM EDT
My comments are focused on desktop use, not cloud. Mint does provide instructions for installing/enabling snap support, for those who want it.

Jun 23, 2020
5:39 PM EDT
Yea how dare Canonical make a change for their own distro. Linux Mint has every right to complain while they take bandwidth from Canonical by serving packages to their users rather than having their own servers and maintaining Chromium themselves. I mean Linux Mint cares so much about their users that the pull 80% of the packages in their distro directly from Canonical and the only reason this was an issue is because Mint refuse to manage it themselves so they are now instead of offloading the work to Ubuntu for Chromium they are just offloading it to Google. Yay, yea totally great to give Google root access to your system rather than Canonical who already has it thanks to the way Linux Mint serves packages from Canonical's servers. Its like they are taking advantage of Canonical while yelling at them for not letting them take advantage in the way they want to. . . . by the way, that's exactly what they are doing.

Jun 24, 2020
10:09 AM EDT
You could take your argument a bit further. Just move Canonical into Mint's position in your text and then change instances of Canonical into Debian and it would come close to being a near perfect match. Moreover, I am a former user of Mint and I was not billed any fee for the desktop versions.

Too often Canonical's failing has been its attempts to exclude its code from free use by other entities, while its quality exceeded the competition. So we have systemd instead of Upstart due to Canonical's claim of its exclusive control. To make matters even worse, Canonical had the audacity to claim that it would own the code contributed by others that fixed flaws in its solely owned systems.

By the way, before I jumped to Mint I was an Ubuntu user.

As always,


Jun 25, 2020
12:35 PM EDT
@MichaelTunnell Surely you realise that it is possible to like some things that companies do but dislike others? They merely take one particular stand on this one particular issue and state that they think that Canonical are taking the infrastructure in a bad direction. I don't see any particular contradiction there.

Canonical have no published problem with respins or downstream distros, and have absorbed one or two along the way IIRC.

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