MS's SQL Server installed on Windows? Why?

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Sep 28, 2020
11:03 AM EDT
I read it thinking it was going onto a Linux distribution, really it should be possible. Years ago, I was told internally it was possible to be installed and run on Unix and later I have seen hints that it would work on Linux.

So why is this set of instructions of any value to LXer's readership?

Doing a cursory search, both versions (MS & Sybase) of SQL Server should work on Linux, so tell me again why this appropriate for a site promoting Open and Free software. For clarity, meaning not confusing "free" (or no monetary cost) with freedom (to use, modify and redistribute freely).

Sep 28, 2020
11:32 AM EDT
I agree. That story has been removed from the LXer front page. Good feedback.

Sep 28, 2020
5:24 PM EDT
Or you could've just replaced the blurb with one word:


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