Anyone notice, it works only for Windows or Mac?

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Jun 05, 2021
9:01 AM EST
Well at least the instructions seem to indicate that is the limit. However, if one goes to More Tools, then selects Customize Toolbar then Screen Shot was found. At first I encountered Menu Overflow when I selected it, but highlighting the icon again I found Add to Toolbar present. So I added it. But be aware that both Windows and the Mac have much more options shown than I have seen for Linux.

I will test it later to see if it really is functional. Now, however, I am resentful that explicitly Linux is ignored and I wonder if this is truly an article that should appear on a Linux reading list.

Kind of Disgusted,


P.S. I tested the feature and it "works", i.e. if you find the automated feature of selecting the area you desire as acceptable. I made a png image file with no difficulty of my comment. But I also made a separate txt file copy from which I could have recreated this comment. I just checked, it would have worked. Instead I keep Emacs open and just copied and pasted in, since my original comment had disappeared.

Jun 06, 2021
10:20 AM EST
Thank you TxtEd for finding the Linux exclusion in this Firefox feature.

We will leave it posted on LXer as an example of what an open source project really should not do if they want to retain their community support.


Jun 09, 2021
3:15 PM EST
Update: while reading a Mozilla article on tips and tricks to use with Firefox, I discovered the right click now includes the option to take a screen shot on a Linux machine. Moreover, the sizing or choice on the size and location is much more customizable than I encountered previously.

I also just tested it with the icon I added on the menu bar. In both instances, the user is seeming completely control.

Did I just miss it the first time?

Jun 10, 2021
1:13 PM EST
Hi TxtEdMacs,

The feature has existed at least since version 78. See Mozilla's actual help page Firefox 78+ (for Linux!).


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