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Feb 21, 2022
9:33 PM EDT
Hi everyone!

I don't want to sound ressented but for a few weeks now isn't accessible from Argentina anymore, this is all I got now:

"Country not supported. Thanks for visiting Linuxiac. Unfortunately we are unavailable in your location."

This doesn't seem good on their part and I'll try to get in touch with them to ask why they block countries.

Does this happen to other Lxer readers? Is this allowed by Lxer?

Honestly, if they (or any other website) are going to block random countries I'd prefer not to get feeds from them anymore via Lxer, but again I'll first try to contact them to find out what's the problem.

Thanks for reading!

Mar 04, 2022
9:47 AM EDT
Hi Richarson,

I'm from Brazil and also unable to access the website, so I installed "Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy" on Chrome's web store to access it. I also saw a comment on twitter from someone not being able to access it too. I don't know why they are limiting only for US users...

Mar 05, 2022
6:14 PM EDT
Hi all,

Linuxiac staff member here. Yes, unfortunately, access to the website is currently unavailable in some countries. The reasons for this are beyond my authority to comment on.

Fortunately, it's expected this unpleasant situation to be resolved by mid-April and the website to be available again from everywhere.

Mar 05, 2022
7:36 PM EDT
Hi FABZ, thanks for confirming it,

Hi bobolin, thanks for the update, hope it gets resolved soon!

Mar 17, 2022
10:41 AM EDT
Linuxiac is accessible from Argentina again!


Mar 27, 2022
12:26 PM EDT
Aaaand we're blocked again :(

I'm done with linuxiac.

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