What part of open source do they not understand?

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Mar 09, 2022
2:10 PM EDT
So Red Hat, SuSE, and Docker are about to learn what being open source actually means.

You'd think they would already know, but apparently not.

Aug 22, 2022
6:53 AM EDT
I don't see where that decision has very much if anything to do with Open Source.

It looks like a corporate Sales decision, Unless you are trying to imply that if you sell services on top of Open Source, that because it's open Source, you have to continue selling and supporting those sales regardless of the politics involved and or possible repercussions from your own government.

According to this item https://www.makeuseof.com/russia-windows-piracy-linux-spike/ Open Source software is doing much better in Russia. I would say in spite of the lack of sales of Red Hat and SuSE services.

So too is Piracy of Microsoft products, but as the item points out, that is a losing strategy for those involved.

In the long run, when this is all over I think we will see a much larger percentage of Linux and Ope Source use, at least in Russia. Which too is unlikely to hurt the mentioned corporate players.

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