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Jun 26, 2023
1:05 AM EDT
No matter how you get your Red Hat (let's say RHEL), be that with a "trial subscription" or even paid for support, the turning off of access to source associated to distributed product that uses binaries from GPL source is a violation of the GPL. Remember, that even in a paid scenario, you can't just distribute and then shutdown source access because the subscription expired.

IBM (I'm a former IBMer that left due to IBM's anti-FOSS ways) must have brain washed the folks at Red Hat, because, they used to not be this way.

IBM, and now Red Hat's, argument is that a paid term subscription is the "cost" of providing access to the source. If you believe or accept that, then this is by far the highest cost of "free access" to the source in GNU history. But hopefully, you understand that "free access" probably doesn't include strings.... and as weird as this sound, the fact that "the string" is a support contract actually works against the argument (as nonsensical as it is already).

Paywalls, spywalls and now shutting down access to source code protected by the GPL. Red Hat (or are they all now good IBMers?) needs to lose big on this one.

Jul 03, 2023
8:38 PM EDT
OTOH, a big _(^YAY^)_/ goes out to Rocky Linux in its current ability to legally outmaneuver RHEL in the latter's GPL-permitted monetization of RHEL source code!

See Rocky Linux Finds Solutions to RHEL Source Code Restrictions found via the LXer link http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/331401/index.html


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