But the Platinum Standard no-systemd's also great...

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Oct 16, 2023
10:01 PM EDT
- There is the WILDLY POPULAR, Debian-based, systemd-disabled MX Linux, see https://mxlinux.org/

- There is the much less popular, Debian-based, yet completely systemd-FREE Devuan GNU+Linux, see https://www.devuan.org/


Oct 17, 2023
2:51 AM EDT
The Biggest Myths ( by Lennart Poettering )

Since we first proposed systemd for inclusion in the distributions it has been frequently discussed in many forums, mailing lists and conferences. In these discussions one can often hear certain myths about systemd, that are repeated over and over again, but certainly don't gain any truth by constant repetition. Let's take the time to debunk a few of them: See https://0pointer.de/blog/projects/the-biggest-myths.html

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