Install Python 3.12.2 on ManjaroKDE 23.1.3 Stable branch

Story: Setup Python 3.12.2 on SparkyLinux2024.2 (kernel 6.7.6) via pyenvTotal Replies: 0
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Feb 25, 2024
4:10 PM EDT
See UPDATE 02/25/24 in the post above. To obtain the most recent state of pyenv clone the external git repo rather then install package `sudo pacman -S pyenv`. So the preferred way is $ git clone ~/.pyenv . All the same also applies to openSUSE Tumbleweed. Regarding Tumbleweed see . The most recent `sudo dnf update -y` on Fedora 39 sets the version of system-wide Python to 3.12.2. You would have also to install python3-tkinter on Fedora 39 to enable Turtle Graphics .

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