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May 30, 2024
4:17 PM EDT
I have had long discussions over meals, many times with RMS over the decades, though, I'll admit it's probably been a decade since our last meeting.

So, take this for what it's worth. He's pretty focused. Honest. Calm. While I've certainly seen people taken aback by what he's said to them, he was usually just trying to help them see where "they were wrong".

Not burning any of the books he has signed.

I consider him to be a colleague, even though he probably wouldn't recall my name :-), but frankly, that doesn't matter.

May 31, 2024
3:28 PM EDT
I find the whole idea of 'canceling' or 'ending' RMS to be a joke. Just because someone doesn't act EXACTLY the way you think they should is too bad. Get over it. Just because RMS represents FOSS in many ways doesn't mean he has to be this prim and proper thing that apparently everyone thinks he should be. I think that as long as he doesn't treat other people like dirt and with no respect than if his personality comes off wrong on some people, it's their problem.

As far as asking a woman out for coffee or on a 'date' well, he's single and if he wants to ask a woman out he can. And if she doesn't want to go she doesn't have too. DUH! As long as he isn't trolling or stalking her then whose business is it anyways?

I think that if everybody liked everybody, nobody would have any friends. Everybody doesn't have to like RMS, and I'll bet he doesn't really care either. So be it.

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