The battle is easier if your opponent shoots their own foot

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Feb 12, 2004
6:38 AM EDT
The "Microsoft Embrace and Extend" that the author feared in his original posting may still come to pass - Microsoft have announced that they will not be supplying future versions of IE as an installable for the current operating systems - instead, you will need to have Windows XP or above, and obtain your updates as part of the OS updates.

This will almost by definition leave an army of current IE users hunting for a new, less bug ridden or exploitable version of their web browser - just when FireFox is becoming a more viable alternative to even "licenced" IE users....

Feb 12, 2004
6:41 AM EDT
Not only this, but Microsoft is also helping by not fixing these crazy security holes. By dragging their feet for 6 months on a serious vulnerability, they give their (clueful) users no choice but to switch to something else.

I run a gardening site where most of the users are complete computer illiterates (how to I copy and paste?) and even they are moving to Firefox in droves. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I give extra features to the Firefox users. :-)


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