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Feb 29, 2004
12:05 PM EDT
The progress made in KDE 3.2 was simply shocking. There is no question that the KDE project has surrounded itself with extremely talented developers, managers and users. While there is still plenty to be done, the track is well laid and there is plenty of momentum. I am now more excited to grab a new KDE release than any other project out there.

Mar 01, 2004
7:06 AM EDT
I have to agree with you. I still use XFCE4, but I am finding myself using more & more KDE tools every day. They have managed to make some really nice advances. Quanta is shaping up really well and I LOVE how kwalletmanager integrates with other KDE apps that I use (kopete & konqueror).

Mar 01, 2004
10:22 PM EDT
Too bad, KDE is based on Qt though. Without GNOME Linux community would be in trouble with the Trolltech's GPL+QPL licensing. Wouldn't be wise to force commercial world to pay royalties if they want to write closed source GUI software to Linux.

Mar 02, 2004
2:54 AM EDT
Royalty is a word with a specific meaning.

TT doesn't require anyone to pay royalties for use or development of Qt applications.

There's a licensing fee, yes, but not a royalty.

Mar 02, 2004
6:44 AM EDT
I really don't think that the QT license is bad. If you write open source software with it it's free. If you write commercial software with it you pay. How is that so bad?

Mar 02, 2004
7:11 AM EDT
It wouldn't be bad if commercial world would think it is obvious they always release their application products with the open source license. But that is not the reality.

Think if also glibc, zlib, libutil, libresolv, libcrypto and so on would require license if you write commercial closed source product. I would bet, there wouldn't be any commercial software ever then to Linux, until free versions of those software libraries would be made.

GUI software library shouldn't be any different. Why Trolltech then could be practically the only "owner" of the Linux? So it is ok, if you write commercial closed source application to Linux, you automatically pay to Trolltech?

Ofcourse Trolltech is free to keep GPL+QPL license, and it surely is better than QPL only, but as a software library license it is IMHO not suitable for Linux.

Think games. They need GUI always. In the future, if there would be ports of all games for Linux which also run on MS-Windows, they surely do not want to release the source code, and would have to pay to Trolltech, because KDE/Qt would be "de facto" GUI-software platform for Linux. I would call then Trolltech as the only "owner" of Linux, because that would be the only place you HAVE TO pay.

That's why we are lucky there is gtk+ and GNOME, and I sincerely hope GNOME would be chosen over KDE/Qt as many as possible, also developers, knowing this issue; all important critical software libraries should be LGPLed (or BSDLed) in Linux.

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