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Mar 08, 2004
6:59 AM EDT
At first I was excited about this article, but that excitement quickly faded when I saw the mention of "Caldera" as one of the big names in Linux distributions. Obviously this author has not kept up with the times. Many of the statements are vague and overall this article won't help a new user jump into linux.

Invalid statements include:

- it is not exactly free rebuttal: all major distributors have a free download, save the ones that include proprietary software like Xandros - Caldera is one of the biggest linux distributors rebuttal: SCO? - you can run most windows applications on linux rebuttal: most? how about there are many that we know work, such as MS Office and Photoshop, but also many that do not yet work - bluecurve is a desktop rebuttal: do I really need to say anything here? - Mandrake is based on RedHat rebuttal: once true, but now they are more different than similar...more accurate to say they both use RPMs - there are some problems networking Linux with Windows systems rebuttal: this is a conclusion? what the heck is he talking about? Linux speaks SMB, what else is required to talk to a Windows box besides an ethernet card?

Overall, a crappy article...perhaps the author should try again...

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