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Story: IPI Report: Why Open Source Can't Meet Mass Market DemandsTotal Replies: 0
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Mar 29, 2004
9:22 PM EDT
1. The IPI was founded by republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey (See Ref a).

2. Kerry A. Knott was Armey's Chief of staff until 1998. (See Ref b).

3. Knott was 'involved' with the Institute for Policy Innovation too. (see ref b). 4. In 1998 M$ hired Kerry A. Knott "as Director of Legislative Affairs for Microsoft's D.C. office" (see ref b, c).

5. in 2004 the IPI tells us: "Why Open Source Can't Meet Mass Market Demands"

Yeah right...

Ref: a) ... click "About IPI" b) c)

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