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Story: Using Linux Software in Defense Systems Violates Every Principle of Security Says Green Hills Software's CEO and FounderTotal Replies: 3
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Apr 08, 2004
1:44 PM EDT
I'm guessing that Dan is feeling a significant loss of business as a result of Linux being deployed. Every time Linux is installed in the US government, this guy loses yet another potential customer.

So, rather than compete on even terms, he is launching his own attack against Linux, using scare tactics and hysterical screeching. I doubt anyone will listen to him.


Apr 08, 2004
2:16 PM EDT
Hi Dave I agree. I meant to vote Neg to the Article but if I managed to vote for your comment I apologize profusely Maybe someone should point this guy to the LinuxSE that is developed by the NSA or CIA can't remember which

Apr 08, 2004
5:26 PM EDT
if unix is closed source and no one was allowed to see it, how would anyone be able to see Ken thompson back door of password and username???? i just cant understand that logic.Is this american paranoia we are seeing??????

Apr 08, 2004
8:00 PM EDT
I know someone who's quite an expert in this area. His observation was that writing secure software was difficult, that the number of bugs per thousand lines of code was nearly constant, independent of operating system, the programming language used, and so forth. This was his view several years ago, and it hasn't changed since.

I also feel that writing secure software is indeed very difficult; this article suggests that generalizing about it is much easier.

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