He contracdicted himself

Story: Using Linux Software in Defense Systems Violates Every Principle of Security Says Green Hills Software's CEO and FounderTotal Replies: 1
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Apr 08, 2004
2:24 PM EDT
The Unix Trojan was in a closed source of the Unix compiler, it can be in a closed source OS any day and to make that type of Trojan, you have to start with a piece of software that you do not trust. If they want all the trust they need, start by asking the NSA to compile your compiler with there complier (I assume they trust the compiler they use. The source code for the backdoor used by Ken Thompson was not seen because it could not be seen.

Apr 11, 2004
12:58 AM EDT
The NSA compiler had to be compiled using something. The problem is not about trusting NSA's compiler but about trusting this previous compiler (let's call it CC).

If CC is Thompsonized (pardon the neologism), then the NSA compiler is.

You can only dodge this by reading the NSA compiler's ASM code, or some other labour-intensive solution.

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