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Story: Strikeiron hires ex-Red Hat, IBM executiveTotal Replies: 2
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May 05, 2004
7:24 PM EDT
I think we are seeing the Bayesian filter in action, in case the "public" input has been incorporated I voted this story negative to avoid further meaningless press announcements

May 06, 2004
1:48 AM EDT
I didn't see anything particularly negative about the guy or the fact that he was hired by a startup and had worked at two very staunchly pro-linux companies previous to this. I see it as moving strikeIron in the right direction. Though being able to filter out pressreleases would be a welcome relief.

May 06, 2004
3:22 AM EDT
Negative votes on a story significantly affect the pending queue that I see, so you were correct to vote it negatively.

Regarding customizing the homepage: it's in the works!


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