SCO already said no GPL... and what SCO says Sun has to do

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Jun 09, 2004
10:08 AM EDT
I'm afraid that SCO has already canned any good Solaris open source opportunity that could have existed. Sun is 0wn3d by SCO.

Commercial Unix has so much baggage that unravelling to the point of open sourcing it could take years even without the evil Darl.

I disagree with Eric Raymond's comment about Linux not happening if open source Solaris exhisted in 1990. More likely BSD than Solaris. Even so, it was time for an alternative to BSD and SysV. By starting fresh, with GPL at the forefront, alot of down-the-road issues are avoided.

I also disagree that developer's will be interested in OSolaris... SVR4 is just too much of a pig to really be considered useful by anyone. Though SVR4 (and earlier) pundits like to criticize Linux, the truth is that SVR4 code is not very pretty and in some cases is probably downright crappy when compared to Linux.

I dare you to open source Solaris. I dare you. (SCO dares you too!)

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