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Story: The Fast-Food Syndrome: The Linux Platform is Getting FatTotal Replies: 0
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Jun 10, 2004
7:05 AM EDT
Okay, I understand the author's point. Fedora Core 2 has a very taxing requirement for a semi-modern box. However, let's at least get our terms right.

The article should read "Trend: Linux Distros Are Getting Fat". Just because people are throwing together a lot of taxing software in one distro doesn't mean the kernel is getting fat, it doesn't mean that there are few programs that are efficient, it just means that collection of software in Fedora is for a power user.

Some programs are getting extremely lean, such as FireFox, which is now < 5MB download. A 3D game will always require a hefty computer, as the game wants to take as much resources as it can get. Other software has a similar requirement. Not all distros have to be lean. There certainly are plenty that run on some of the oldest boxes around.

All I am saying is let's keep the argument on a straight path. Fedora is a distro and yes, it is fat.

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