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Jun 18, 2004
11:27 AM EDT
A lot of people have said they like the spell checker here! That's great and I like it, too, but of course credit needs to be given to the folks at the aspell project, as they are who I am using for spell check here.

When you preview your post, it takes your text, shells out and cats it to aspell, and then interprets (in PHP) the result and prints it back appropriately (with underlines, red font, and mouseover suggestions).

Often times, words are not present, or some stupid words are suggested that aren't appropriate (I'm thinking vulgarity and such-like) and the question arises: how do you manipulate the dictionary?

The answer to that question hasn't easily presented itself by examining the source of aspell, and a post to the aspell-users mailing list didn't result in any replies. So, if words are missing, shrug and move along, or, maybe you can tell me how to manipulate the aspell dictionary files. :)

(Upon a preview, I see that even aspell isn't in the dictionary. How's that for irony? :)

best, dave

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