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Jun 22, 2004
1:54 PM EDT
It's interesting, this story has been voted positive by 8 people (comparitively a high number) and yet, nobody has anything to say about it. That's somewhat interesting to me. Is it that ESR said it all? Or, it's just a boring story not worth reading (which couldn't be since so many moderated the story as good).


Jun 22, 2004
3:14 PM EDT
"Is it because ESR said it all?"

Heh heh, I suppose that could be used as an excuse. I'm neither pro-ESR nor anti-ESR although I do believe his intentions are always good, they don't always come across that way. There have been a few times when I haven't agreed with his delivery. I thought this was one of his better essays and although I personally agree with everything he says here I feel the urge for caution when referring it to other people for fear of them taking a few things the wrong way, or appearing fanatical (even though I am surely a fanatic). :) Heck, I didn't even vote on this one, yet I am posting a response. :) I think ESR nailed this one! There, another positive vote.

Jun 22, 2004
8:20 PM EDT
I think ESR article was excellent and I just listened to him at TheLinuxshow this evening. I think one of the reasons there wasn't any comment is the _Preaching to the Choir_ effect. Everyone here knows about the Microsoft FUD and the _Get the Fact_ has been covers as well, so there is nothing much to add. The comments and talk needs to be carried out elsewhere as ESR stated. Talk to you Boss etc.

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