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Jun 23, 2004
7:58 AM EDT
I've just started using it at work and at home, and I'm very impressed. What people need to know is that Eclipse isn't just an IDE, it's a platform for making editor/IDE type tools. Right at this very moment, I am installing the UML design tool that is based on Eclipse. I'll have an Eclipse based Java environment, C++ environment, and UML environment.

I'd like to see someone do a Visio type drawing environment, and maybe a Lisp and a Modula-2 or Pascal environment as well.

Jun 30, 2004
2:13 PM EDT
I really wished I could install Eclipse. But it always fail - maybe its the JVM. I run Mandrake 10.0 (sorry can't uninstall it now after 12 months) But really really wished I could run Eclipse, I feel I am losing much time - and Visual Studio .NET is still my platform for software development which I am dying to break free from :(

Anyway I will have yet another go at Eclipse tonight and search for help through the web.

Jul 01, 2004
2:03 AM EDT
Thanks for the help. MAN, gosh this is the like the 7th site where I asked for help and *nothing* RTFM for me I guess. Anyway in a spark of inspiration I solved the problem. That is why I really want to start my own Linux FAQ site .. if only I could get help with that too *sigh*

Jul 01, 2004
8:58 AM EDT
Anyway in a spark of inspiration I solved the problem.

What was it? People might find your "Inspiration" via Google later.

Jul 01, 2004
5:37 PM EDT
Environment variables. They were alien concepts but started making more and more sense to me; I figured that that is what was missing Some way of letting Eclipse knowing where my /bin/java was hiding.

I posted my frustration and subsequent findings in slashdot:

I kinda learnt also that with Linux you have to be patient. You will get there. If it doesn't work today - well, it may work next week - or next month - or next year!

That is the sort of thing many spoiled Windows newcomers will find extremely frustrating. I find it proper - educational - sometimes humbling - and ok sometimes frustrating too hehe.

A lil script from Eclipse automating the PATHs for you wouldn't hurt But then again - had they done that - I wouldn't have learnt! :S

Ok got confused again - dunno which is best Anyway got Eclipse working so me is happy :D

Jul 01, 2004
6:00 PM EDT
Why don't you write a script to do just that, along with a document explaining how you got it working on your particular setup. Then maybe other people in your situation might not have to wait a week, or a month, or a year.

Jul 01, 2004
6:41 PM EDT
are you psychic or what? hehe I am scared! But was about to try and installing MONO now - which I am sure will be just another challenge.

But noted - I will make it a mini-project; but can't say I have much confidence in scripting BASH - but then if I don't try I wont learn isn't it? .. just note it might take me a week .. or it might take me a month :o

Jul 01, 2004
6:45 PM EDT
If you need a place to stick the document, my tips seem to get spread nicely throughout google's database:

Jul 01, 2004
9:06 PM EDT

$java_loc = `locate -n 1 java/j2re1`;

# needs slocate installed # this returns first occurrence of j2re1 # e.g /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_04


# that removes last character as its new line

if ($ENV{'PATH'}!~$java_loc) { $ENV{'PATH'}.=':'.$java_loc.'/bin'; };

# translates to: # if /usr/java/j2re1.. is not shown in PATH variable # then export PATH = PATH + /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_04/bin

Should work But it doesn't :S

ok really should stop trying too hard - or I will break my take/it/easy approach to Linux.

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