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Story: Adding Linux to Corporate Networks Is Harder Than You ThinkTotal Replies: 1
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Jun 23, 2004
2:02 PM EDT
In places where they have nothing but Microsoft, it might be very hard to introduce any kind of UNIX, let along Linux. But most places have at least some UNIX, and those systems are vulnerable to moving to Linux. Management will see how well they work, and eventually they'll start moving desktops to Linux as well.

The all-Microsoft places are going to become an oddity, a sign of backwards thinking. After all, how many all DEC VAX shops do we see nowadays? There's a few, I'm sure. Just a few.

Jun 23, 2004
6:09 PM EDT
Drivil. Let's see, if you buy monopoly software and buy third party software to run on it without any thought of using tools that are multiplatform, you have issues moving to a new platform.


Gosh, if you have people involved that aren't behind the move, they could create difficulties.

Double duh.

How many years past DOS, and everything comes with network support, but we have someone who uses a NOS?

I think the real message is that outfits that have almost hopeless existing infrastructure have it because the folks who build/manage it are clueless, and this leads to certain issues in introducing a clue.

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