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Jun 25, 2004
6:09 AM EDT
Hi - Thanks for this site, it has rapidly become a common port of call. It may be the site to fill the hole vacated by Newsforge (what 1 year+ ago).

I may have a small bug in the login. I login and click the LXer at the top right (to take me to the home page) and I am not logged in to post. I log in a second time and I am logged in to post. This happens in Moz. Does anyone else have this issue? Could be I have certain settings too tight. But would like to know if anyone else gets this issue before I start debugging Moz. settings (adblock, cookies, images, cache, scripts, etc. ,etc.)

Jun 25, 2004
6:12 AM EDT
You are probably originally visiting the site with the linuxnews.com URL. Logging in at linuxnews.com causes your cookie to be set as linuxnews.com (I won't use gifs to set cookies for both domains!)

The logo links to the homepage of lxer.com (the main URL for the website) and thus your cookies do not survive to the new domain.

Just use lxer.com and all will be well. :-)

(Thanks for the compliments on the site, by the way! I'm having fun. :)

best, dave

Jun 25, 2004
6:28 AM EDT
Got it - Thanks for the speedy response. You were right.

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