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Jun 26, 2004
4:39 AM EDT
If Sun were a person I'd say that all of this is nothing more than a cry for help. The next thing you know they'll be looking for people to sue. Here's a question: If Sun pays SCO license fees, then how can it open source Solaris?

Jun 26, 2004
7:42 AM EDT
Spot on!!

I never thought they would open Solaris anyway, they seem to be living in the past not realising everything has changed. The other day I changed my home firewall from an old Sparc Classic (lunchbox) to an old PC. I havent been able to throw it away!! It is a beutiful piece of engineering. Now, having worked with the Big stuff from Sun, I have to say that SUN today has nothing to do with Sun during its glory days. Take the 10k for instance, it is supposed to be earthquake safe, but all you have to do to transform it to a heavy pile of spinning fans, is to yank the serial cable connected to the terminal (e.g vt220). OR yank the keyboard cable at the wrong moment, OR put a "faulty" CD in the drive (got one burned ex here..) OR.... You get the picture. What made Sun great in the past was some outstanding engineers doing what they loved to do, and I assume, without the managemental nuts you have today running around your ass, pestering and hampering any creative process alive. If you by any chance manage to create anything despite that, one of the psycos will most likely take credit for it (beeing the manager and all....), fire your creative *ss and go on to the next succer. Uhhh I need to get some coffie (or med...dunno).



Jun 26, 2004
11:09 AM EDT
Exactly. In fact, Sun in 2004 sounds like SCO in 1998-1999 (you know, the old SCO, before the McBride Litigation Machine took over). They were all whiny about how Red Hat was "stealing their customers" by actually (gasp!) delivering a product customers wanted. Cry me a river. When you sit on the status quo and don't deliver what customers want, they're going to go to someone who can.

Jun 26, 2004
11:29 AM EDT
So they are really trying to pitch Solaris x86, that bastard step child OS that they abandoned for years and then just recently rediscovered, as more enterprise ready and scalable than modern enterprise Linux distros running the 2.6 kernel? Solaris Sparc, maybe. But Solaris x86? Get real. This might have been interesting a few years ago when Linux 2.2 was current.

Boy, they sure have their device driver writing work cut out for them. Does anyone know if it has USB support? 2.0? 1.0? None?

Jun 26, 2004
6:49 PM EDT
Hmmm. Lots of topics here.

1) the 10k is arguably not a Sun machine, in that it was a purchase from Cray, along with the engineering staff. Sort of makes it an odd duck. For all that....

2) the whole keyboard pull/^-break issue is there on my Sparcstation 10. Not exactly a recent deal.

So, what is this point in time when Sun was great? I only did one installation of the real SunOS way back when, and barely remember it. Frankly I had come to the opinion that my lack of familiarity with Sun in the pre Solaris era meant I had missed 'the good old days', and that their slide came when they signed up with AT&T and forced Solaris down everyone's throat.

The x86 comments seem closer to the mark - what is it with Solaris on X86 is the wave of the future, then it is only a toy meant to prepare customers for the real thing, then it is gone and Sun is going to do their own Linux distro, now it is back, with solid enterprise support.

I guess if you really think about it, we don't have to say anything about Sun - how could we make them look more foolish than they themselves are doing?


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