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Story: Misperceptions give Microsoft hard timeTotal Replies: 0
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Jun 28, 2004
8:56 AM EDT
The patches were for the ENTIRE Debian system, including obscure little apps that nobody knows about or uses.

As far as I can tell, Microsoft's counting only patches to the base OS code. The picture would be different if they had to count IE, Outlook, Office, and all the thousands of other apps out there.

Microsoft can tinker with the numbers all they want, but the fact is that Windows people are constantly checking Windows Update for new patches, and constantly chasing down virus infections. They live in fear of that next killer e-mail virus. Right now they are living in fear of simple websites. But I can ignore all that crap with Linux. It takes 10 seconds to make my Debian system up to date, vs. minutes and reboots with Windows Update. And it just works without problems.

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