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Story: Pirated software bigger threat than open source: GatesTotal Replies: 1
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Jun 28, 2004
11:22 AM EDT
Pirating has helped MS tremendously and is the reason that the Office Suite is the de facto standard around the world. No pirating an Lotus / Wordperfect etc would have maintained a seizable share. They have to claim that the reason for the cheapy Windows version in Thailand is Pirates and not linux so as to mitigate the same argument around the world, notably in western Europe.

Jun 28, 2004
11:54 AM EDT
MS finally changes it's stance that piracy is good for MS windows in Third world countries.

Pirated copies of Windows must be stopped at all costs, and when people need a legit OS after spending all that money to stop pirating windows they can use Linux a freedom, low cost OS.

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