Netscape for Unix?

Story: Now HP says ditch NetscapeTotal Replies: 1
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Jul 02, 2004
9:26 AM EDT
I am assuming they are referring to the old version of Netscape. (Netscape 4.7) They can't mean Netscape 7. I believe Netscape 7 and on is based upon the newest version of Mozilla.

AOL mixed Mozilla and ICQ with AIM. Not the thinnest browser. But not the security problem Microsoft's IE is.

Is there a Netscape 7.1 that runs on HP-UX?

Jul 03, 2004
5:36 AM EDT
No. It seems to be Linux/Win32/Mac only.

Weird story, though. It almost seems like something thrown out there just to muddy the waters regarding this whole embarrassing IE exploit episode. Now who would want to do that?

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