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Story: McNealy Rejects Idea Of Open - Source JavaTotal Replies: 1
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Jul 06, 2004
8:32 AM EDT
Sorry, but I'd much rather use Python than use Java any day of the week. It's open to any platform and works very well for tui or gui programming. Keep Java to yourself McNealy, it doesn't bother me one bit. I'm also not envious of a company that's losing money.

Jul 06, 2004
7:03 PM EDT
Well, in some cases there isn't any alternative. e.g on mobile devices(java and symbian) but thats about it. And that might be the next "big" thing, usable software on mobiles (I am using a SSH-client for my S55). The argument that it would fragment doesn'n mean anything to me. If you want to put some j2me apps on your mobile, often you have to d/l the "proper" version for that specific phone. Here Sun would say "it is the implementation of the midp-x specs, not the specs in it self", but whatever...that seem to be some profe of "defragmentation" to me. At least for practical purposes. Have I missed anything?

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