Oh no. Please no.

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Jul 08, 2004
8:39 AM EDT
I was perfectly happy to never see install shield when I switched 100% all those years ago. Please please don't come near my Linux boxen. They are wonderfully happy and stable. I love the way apt-get deals with my software installation needs.

Jul 08, 2004
9:32 AM EDT
I understand your reluctance to have a Installshield on a linux box but does it have to replace anything? Couldn't it just be another option for the people coming from the Windows camp. Anything to make the switch less cumbersome I would think would be a good thing.

Jul 08, 2004
10:56 AM EDT
i think this is a much better solution

AutoPackage: http://autopackage.sunsite.dk/

I mean you cant beat this: http://autopackage.sunsite.dk/ui-vision.html And yes i know its just a vision.

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