What an insult.

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Jul 08, 2004
4:14 PM EDT
> Barr: You have a tough set of obstacles in your way to widespread adoption in the Linux space with all the free tools that are available for software distribution: RPM, Deb, as well as just tarred and gunzipped source, don't you?.

> Corrigan: Absolutely. This is no different from the challenges we encountered early on in the Windows space. Arc, Zip, the batchfile distribution were certainly familiar enough in the Windows space.

Wow. Apt, Up2date, and Yum are about on the level of Arc, zip, and DOS batch files. Glad Macrovision is here to show us the light. I mean, what would we do without all these great companies helping Linux out with their fantastic closed source solutions. And you can download a free evaluation version right off their site, too. I'm sure InstallShield X is gonna be great for Linux. They should patent it!*

* If they haven't already...

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