Great advice, hard to take though

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Jul 10, 2004
5:03 AM EDT
This is excellent advice, especially since I just suggested the same thing when the latest browser bug came out only in the Windows version of Mozilla. Problem is, I think people will have a hard time taking advice from someone who doesn't take the advice themselves:

Windows servers are just as much of a block of security swiss cheese as the Windows clients so c'mon eWeek, do the right thing.

Jul 10, 2004
10:01 AM EDT
Void_Main, what a negative spin to put on such a good mainstream article. I suspect that SJVN would be happy to see eWeek switch to something else for their web services. At any rate, what relevance does it have to the present article, which provides good reasons to switch desktop OSes, backed up by facts, and then presents alternatives?

I'm quite happy to allow everyone to decide what tools they use for which job. Sometimes a Win32 solution is the best, although I am willing to go to great lengths to make OSS the better choice on my own projects, even if it costs me a lot of my own time to fill the gap. (Many times, of course, OSS is just better from the start.)

If you want eWeek to change to something else, find out more about their needs and *show* them how OSS would benefit them. In the real world, vague comments about doing the right thing are not very persuasive.

Jul 10, 2004
10:41 AM EDT
I said it was "excellent" advice. I even voted it a positive article. In fact at this point I am still the only one to have voted on it, even you appear not to have voted it a positive read. I just expressed my opinion that running IIS on Win32 is not a very good choice, security wise, and any other wise. I can think of no rational explanation for running it. But hey, you know what opinions smell like. This message was edited Jul 10, 2004 1:43 PM

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