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Jul 12, 2004
8:16 AM EDT
JDS seems to be gaining a lot of traction in the corporate world and in "big" implementations (Countries, Municipalities etc) so I kind of agree that the Linux community should try and help as best they can rather than dissing it.

It's a corporate distribution with different requirement than what you would normally think. I remember reading a story about one large Irish Bank replacing Win98 with JDS but only after the IM client was removed. The reason being that the bank didn't want their employees wasting time IM'ing. I would have thought IM was a powerful business tool if done right but apparently not in Ireland.

SUN has be rather scatter brained as of late as we all know but I think they do understand the corporate market. Consequently the JDShelp.org effort is in everyones interest and an excellent initiative.

Jul 12, 2004
11:14 AM EDT
It already appears that Sun feels that Solaris and Java are more important than JDS. They are attacking Red Hat currently and when they are done with them they are bound to attack Novell/Suse as well. My problem with Sun is that you have to pay for JDS, where I can download Fedora for free. I can also update Fedora with yum from the repositories, without paying a fee to Red Hat. Of course this is an individual solution. If I were going to run Linux within an Enterprise structure it would be either Novell/Suse or Red Hat. Sun has left me to uncertain of what they want for their future and the future of their customers.

Jul 12, 2004
1:06 PM EDT
zjim, I spoke to the head of engineering for Desktop Software Engineering at Sun in an interview for my book and for two different articles I wrote. I spoke to the head of marketing for JDS Linux and the head of the JDS Linux project. I meet with them in person, conducted interviews over the phone, etc. They are extremely committed to Linux.

Java is a different matter - it's their lifeline to web services. It's also our lifeline to keeping Longhorn from cornering the IT world.

If you are familiar with the Looking Glass Project, that's a GPL'd open source desktop environment for Linux that will knock Mac and MS out of many markets. It's for Linux - not for JDS only.

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