The die-hard couldn't find anything wrong with Linux

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Jul 20, 2004
8:01 AM EDT
The article is short, so you can read it easily. Even though the article is negative with regards to Linux on the desktop, it's negative in that the author says... Linux didn't show him anything what significantly "wow"'d him. The statements about availability of good shareware under Windows I think is far fetched. I've rarely seen really good applications that were shareware, and most of the apps that are considered good Windows shareware, most Linux dists have equivalents of those apps right out of the box.

Not sure if the short article is newsworthy, but in a way, it does show that Linux is more than ready to replace Windows on the desktop, even if the author felt no need to do so.


Jul 21, 2004
3:58 AM EDT
What's wrong with this article is that it doesn't talk about specific problems. He says that linux desktop applications aren't any better than windows shareware (which he needs to pay money for), but he doesn't go into any specific problems he had with the apps.. pretty worthless article IMHO!

The only conclusion one can draw from this is that linux desktop apps needs to be significantly better than their windows counterparts for people like him to switch habits!

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