Is this the official line?

Story: Gartner: Desktop Linux Shows Small GainsTotal Replies: 0
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Jul 23, 2004
7:37 AM EDT
It is a small and relatively non-newsy story, as it is based on expected reports. It glosses over that Linux has made server side gains, in fact no suggestion of what they are.

It instead concentrates on how little of the desktop Linux has, and makes the getting tiresome bogus claim that whilst Linux ships on 5% (if that is true then Linux has more than doubled it's sales presence in the last year - which is growth in anybodies book), it only stays on 2%. Absolutely no statement of how many M$ systems become Linux, and I'd like to see actual evidence of this, please...someone, ...anyone? If they make the claim one way I want the truth of the other-side as well, especially as I know for a fact that there are companies buying Dells and loading Linux.

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