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Whither the SUSE Exodus? Novell’s Linux Business Soars

The Open Source community has had the opportunity to be extremely vocal of late. With the Vista launch, and Dell's IdeaStorm suggestion box website they've had ample chance to flex their feedback muscles. Still neither of these recent events compares to the sheer outrage that the Microsoft-Novell pact received last year. But as Novell proved last week, this was an instance of the community being more loud than correct.

Linux power lunch: Debian founder visits Microsoft

Ian Murdock, the chief technology officer of the recently formed Linux Foundation (created from the merger of ODL and the Free Standards Group) is set to address a group of Microsoft employees on February 20.

Using 'ls' and 'xargs' to manage large numbers of files

What do you do when you have 90,000 old files to delete in a single directory? Or maybe you've only got 30,000 old log files from the last year that you want to get rid of. You can forget about using just 'rm', because that's just too many files for it to handle at once.

World Domination – Finding Linux Everywhere

In the march of the penguins to World Domination, I have seen Linux become more and more commonplace. Back with my first attempt to install Slackware Linux from 3.5” floppies onto my Packard Bell 386 Legend with its 40MB hard drive, 1x CD-ROM and S3 video knockoff, I never did get X to run with any resolution higher than 300x400. It was horrible – the desktop was so large that my screen couldn't contain all of it. The window manager, as I recall that day in 1994, was VWM. As I wasn't so interested in a GUI environment, and really just wanted an UNIX-like PC so I could practice things like shell scripting, it was “Ok” for me. It was not “good enough” for my girlfriend though. She had her Mac Performa and what I used didn't matter.

One Dweeb's Phishing Trip

On January 11th, I received an email to my Yahoo! account with the subject "Activate Your Account Now". The sender was "".