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Setting up RAID-1 mirroring on a running remote Linux system over ssh session

Setting up RAID-1 mirroring on a running remote Linux system over ssh session RAID -1 allows to create an exact copy of the original drive. Thus, it results into the increased fault tolerance and easy data recovery option for single server. It is true that the best and easy way to setup a RAID 1 is during installation. But if you forget to setup RAID – 1 during installation or if you have added new hard disk after installation, then this how to covers setting up a RAID-1 mirroring on a running remote Linux system over ssh session.

Ruby and .NET - how will they taste together?

Wow, big news to start off my new blog. The Gardens Point GP Ruby .NET development team has announced an initial beta version of their system.

At this point, they claim that it can compile Ruby source into verifiable .Net v2.0 assembly, or it can run Ruby code directly in a compile, load and execute cycle. They do warn that their implementation is not yet complete, although it does pass everything in samples/test.rb (I wonder if they're using theRubicon/Rubytests stuff for further testing?).

Device Profile: Merlin Patient Care System

IBM and St. Jude Medical used embedded Linux to build a device that lets cardiac care clinicians retrieve and analyze data from implanted cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and pacemakers, and make programmatic changes to them. The St. Jude Merlin Patient Care System runs a customized MontaVista Linux

Think tanks like Heartland and their ties with Microsoft: What everybody should know

LXer Feature: 27-May-06

Recently, Mr. Steven Titch wrote an article about Open Document which contained Microsoft-style disinformation. At that moment, some of our readers suggested Heartland or Mr. Titch might have been funded by Microsoft. While I couldn't find any direct ties, there are lot of indirect ties between the Heartland Institute and Microsoft, and at a certain point in my research, even the name of Mr. Abramoff showed up. A summary of the things I found.

My hardware toolbag

You don't need to be a super-geek to start diagnosing hardware problems. Diagnostics is an art. Specifically, it's the art of determining the source of a problem and troubleshooting a solution. No matter how good you are at diagnostics, the right tools in your hardware bag can make you better.

Get ready for the Vista/SUSE smackdown!

In one corner, we have the champ -- Windows. Come January, it will come out swinging with what Microsoft tells us is the latest and greatest version ever -- Vista.

In the other corner, we have the challenger -- OpenSUSE 10.1, the latest shipping version of Novell/SUSE's community Linux. Sometime this summer, its commercial version, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, will come out looking to KO the champ.

Before this epic battle begins, let's take a look at their training camps.

Tools: GCC 3.4.6, Final GCC 3 Release

Dave Korn announced GCC 3.4.6:

"This release is a minor release, containing fixes for regressions relative to earlier releases, but no new features. It is the final release from the 3.4.x series and the branch is now closed. It is thus also the final release from GCC series 3 overall."

GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection which includes C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada compilers. Download GCC 3.4.6 from a gcc.gnu.orgmirror.

Why should we care about open-source Java?

  • Computerworld New Zealand; By Richard Hoffman (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on May 29, 2006 9:14 PM EST)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
Java expert Richard Hoffman put together this list of answers to frequently asked questions covering some of the basic history behind this decision, what it means and why you should care.

Linux: Tainting the Kernel From Userland

Theodore Ts'o proposed a new patch allowing a userland program to taint the kernel by writing to/proc/sys/kernel/tainted, "to be used when userspace is potentially doing something naughty that might compromise the kernel." When asked when this would be needed, Theodore went on to explain, "the problem is that the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) **requires** that the JVM provide class functions which provide direct access to physical memory; all physical memory.

Germany 2006: Nuremberg area becoming hotbed of open-source ...

Formerly a typical blue-collar region, the Franconia area around Nuremberg is trying hard to transform itself into a hi-tech centre. Some 90,000 people now work in the approximately 2,000 IT companies located there.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 48

Red Hat India appoints Ingram Micro as national distributor

Javed Tapia, president, Red Hat Indian Subcontinent, said, "Linux and open source software have firmly established themselves in the enterprise segment. Our customers are spread across the length and breadth of the country and are in need of being serviced locally. Our partnership with Ingram will allow us to leverage their network and fulfill the growing demand for Red Hat's solutions in India.

Lagos to host African VoIP Forum

The third African VoIP Forum will be held in Lagos, Nigeria, at the end of July. The three-day event will include strategy and policy sessions as well as a series of workshops.

Ubuntu Linux to support Sun Niagara servers

Sun Microsystems is getting support for its Sparc-based servers from Canonical, the Linux distributor of Ubuntu, say the companies.

Red Hat co-founder spending gains on Lulu, football team

Bob Young, the visionary entrepreneur who was among those who saw value and a way to monetize open source software, is sitting on a growing mountain of wealth.

Us Marshals Switching to Red Hat Linux

The U.S. Marshals Service is switching the databases at all 94 of its district offices in the United States and its territories to Red Hat Linux.

CLI Magic: Executing jobs once

  •; By Matthias Kalle Dalheimer & Matt Welsh (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on May 29, 2006 9:29 AM EST)
  • Story Type: News Story
You know you can schedule recurring jobs with the cron command. What if you want to run a certain command just once, or a limited number of times, but still at times when it is inconvenient to type in the command interactively?

Linux: Fun With Kernel Names

Most 2.6 Linux kernel releases have contained a unique name that is only visible within the top level makefile. Some examples, 2.6.17 was named "Lori Rules", 2.6.16 was named "Sliding Snow Leopard", 2.6.14 was named Affluent Albatross, and 2.6.13 was named "Woozy Numbat"

Kyle McMartin recently posted a patch to thelkml with the intention of making the kernel name visible, leading Linux creator Linus Torvalds to explain, "well, part of the charm of the name is that it's totally meaningless. I can pick names out of my *ss, and they don't matter in the least, and nobody will ever see it except in the kernel diffs."

Open source vector graphics app turns 0.5

After only nine weeks of operation, the open source Xara Xtreme project -- which is building a commercial-standard vector graphics program -- has reached a 0.5 version status with Xara LX for Linux. All tools are fully functional, and users can now save and export files as bitmaps, according to the project team.

Java won’t fracture like Linux, says Sun

Richard Green, the Sun Microsystems executive who will lead the company’s effort to open-source Java, says a major issue with any such move is the longstanding fear that Java will fracture and follow a path similar to Linux.

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