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First ownCloud sprint

  • (Posted by bob on Apr 22, 2011 4:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
For four days, starting on Friday April 15th, about half a dozen souls gathered in the hive01 headquarters in Stuttgart. The goal of this very first ownCloud sprint was to discuss, plan and of course hack on the web services project. To kickoff we had a brainstorming session and discussion of the topics that were to be dealt with over the following days. We extensively debated fundamental things concerning the future directions of ownCloud.

Linux-based FROG-I robot thinks its a dinosaur

The Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated a quadruped robot intended to test gait control and locomotion -- and eventually mimic the movement of a triceratops. The flexibly jointed, 3.1-foot FROG-I robot runs Linux on an Intel Xscale PXA270 processor, communicating via Wi-Fi with a host computer, while lower-level functions are controlled by two Texas Instruments DSPs....

Open Source Critical To Competition Say Regulators

  • ComputerWorld UK; By Simon Phipps (Posted by bob on Apr 21, 2011 10:41 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The DoJ and FCO have jointly agreed that Novell's patents are a threat to open source that needs neutralising.

Opinions: SCO Sells Out, Oracle Stops Selling

This week's Linux Top 5: SCO gets new ownership, Oracle call its quits on OpenOffice as Novell releases last major update for SLES 10, and more.

Intel CEO: 'We're porting Android 3.0 for tablets this year'

  • The Register (Posted by bob on Apr 20, 2011 10:10 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Intel; Story Type: News Story
Smartphones? Not until next year Intel's president and chief executive Paul Otellini says his company is hard at work porting Google's tablet-specific Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb, to the x86 architecture.…

Fedora Needs Your Help Testing GNOME 3.0

With Canonical ditching the GNOME 3.0 Shell in favor of their custom-developed Unity Desktop, one of the first Linux distributions where you'll see GNOME 3.0 shipping in full "out of the box" is Fedora 15. Fedora 15 is set to be released at the end of May, but a beta release happens to be coming out today. Additionally, this Thursday they're looking for your help in testing out GNOME 3.0...

GIMP 2.8 May Not Come Until Late November

  • Phoronix (Posted by bob on Apr 19, 2011 11:14 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
GIMP 2.7.2 was released last week as a development stop in the road to GIMP 2.8, which itself was supposed to be released last December. But with the single-window user-interface lagging behind along with other work, GIMP 2.8 development dragged along with its limited number of core developers. It looked like it would just be a few more months until 2.8 was released, but with v2.7.2 just arriving, that's not likely to happen. Based upon a new tool developed by one of the GIMP developers, the 2.8 release isn't estimated to occur until the end of November...

Marble 1.1 released

  • (Posted by bob on Apr 18, 2011 10:31 AM EDT)
  • Groups: KDE; Story Type: News Story
The Marble Team has just released Marble 1.1. This release is special! With many new features being developed during Google Code-in, the Marble Team decided to get it out between the usual KDE application releases. The new version provides several new features and improvements: Map Creation Wizard and Map Sharing OpenDesktop and Earthquakes Online Service Extended Plugin Configuration Map Editing Voice Navigation As with every Marble release, there is a feature guide with screenshots. read more

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 DP2 Battles Ubuntu 10.10

Upon the release of the first Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" Developer Preview, we had delivered early benchmarks of this Apple operating system slated for release this summer. Since then, there has been the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) so we have carried out an updated set of Mac OS X 10.7 performance benchmarks. This also includes a comparative look at the Mac OS X Lion performance against Ubuntu Linux 10.10.

Vehicle PC copes with power uncertainties

Acrosser announced another entry in its line of fanless vehicle PCs, this time featuring Intel's D425 or D525 Atoms. The AR-V6002FL includes CAN bus support, four serial ports, a 2.5-inch drive bay and CompactFlash slot, two Mini PCI Express slots, and an optional GPS receiver, according to the company....

A Lightweight QEMU-Free Linux KVM Host Tool

  • Phoronix (Posted by bob on Apr 17, 2011 12:13 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
When it comes to Linux virtualization, QEMU is one of the common parts of the virtualization stack. It's a very common emulator that provides dynamic binary translation and can run many unmodified guest operating systems on many different architectures from x86_64 to MIPS and PowerPC...

First Calligra Sprint

  •; By Boudewijn Rempt (Posted by bob on Apr 16, 2011 3:20 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
Over the April 1st - 3rd weekend, the first Calligra sprint took place at the KDAB office in Berlin. With a total of 31 people from 14 nations, the room was crowded to the bursting point! It was a very successful sprint, and the first KDE sprint for many of the attendees.

Where The Open-Source AMD Driver Is At For Modern GPUs

  • Phoronix (Posted by bob on Apr 16, 2011 1:33 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Earlier this week Sapphire launched the Radeon HD 5830 Extreme using the well-supported "Cypress LE" graphics processor at a very competitive price relative to the NVIDIA competition and the Radeon HD 5830 graphics cards from other AMD partners. With it being part of the HD 5000 series and not one of the newer HD 6000 series graphics processors, the Linux support is already spot-on for both the official Catalyst Linux driver and within the open-source stack. In this article are the open-source Gallium3D benchmarks for the Radeon HD 5830 along with other recent ATI/AMD GPUs to show where the latest Mesa/Gallium3D code is at today.

Tutorials: Charting and Graphing Logfiles for Linux Server Admins

  • Linux Planet; By Akkana Peck (Posted by bob on Apr 16, 2011 7:06 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Some Linux server admins are comfortable with wading through text logfiles, but why wade when you can create beautiful charts and graphs that highlight trouble spots? Try the excellent CairoPlot for beautiful, informative visual server log analysis.

Torvalds Honored by Gaggle of Lawyers

  • Linux Journal (Posted by bob on Apr 15, 2011 6:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux and hero to many Open Source users, might not be the first person one might think would be honored by an organization of lawyers, but that's exactly what's happening. The International Technology Law Association will award Torvalds its ITechLaw Achievement Award at their upcoming 40th anniversary celebration.

Penguin chief: Linux patent and copyright FUD 'not relevant'

  • The Register (Posted by bob on Apr 8, 2011 9:46 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Open source angels with dirty faces Fear ye not, Linux faithful. Thy software is no more susceptible to patent or copyright attack than any other piece of closed source software.…

Putting Text to Speech to Work

  • Linux Magazine; By Frank Ableson (Posted by bob on Apr 8, 2011 8:49 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Raise your (phone's) voice as we build out our Text To Speech app for Android.

Fedora 15 Beta RC1 is released

  • Fedora; By Andre Robatino (Posted by bob on Apr 8, 2011 3:06 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Fedora, Linux
Fedora 15 Beta RC1 is now available for testing.

Linux 2.6.39-rc2 Is Uncommonly Calm

Linus Torvalds describes the just-released Linux 2.6.39-rc2 kernel as being an "uncommonly calm" release and points that may lead it to being a "simple release" if nothing changes...

Novell Announces Mono for Android

  • Dr.Dobb's; By Adrian Bridgwater (Posted by bob on Apr 6, 2011 2:39 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
Novell has renewed its efforts in the mobile arena by today announcing the availability of Mono for Android, a set of tools for developing .NET applications for the Android platform using Microsoft Visual Studio. Following the Mono Project's core tenet of making Microsoft .NET applications capable of running cross-platform, Novell says that it is now enabling Visual Studio, .NET, and C# developers to utilize a common code base to create applications for the industry's most widely-used mobile devices, including Android-based phones and tablets, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch, and Apple iPhone.

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