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House waters down e-voting code disclosure rules

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Administration approved Rush Holt's (D-NJ) e-voting reform bill by a 6-3 vote. The vote broke down along party lines, with the six Democrats supporting the legislation, and the three Republicans opposing it.

IRC Linux Support, through burnout and beyond.

I've been doing support on IRC for more than three years now. Overall, it's been a rewarding experience, and, an important learning experience for me as well.

Renovating the Homepage

  •; By Josh (Posted by jimf on Apr 22, 2006 4:01 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Debian
When Josh at came to me with his new plans for renovating our Debian Homepage RSS links page, I must say, I was less than enthusiastic. I've never been much use for or been a fan of RSS. When he showed me the new Ajax / DHTML which he was intending to implement, my ears picked up, but my question was still 'is it really a practical and usable feature. Well, it's now finished and up at All I can say is 'Wow!', It really lives up to the promises. I think this is something that many of us will find entirely useful, and if nothing else, fun to play with. Just give it a try.

DebCentral interviews Daniel Orsolic the founder of

  •; By Josh King (Posted by jimf on Feb 13, 2006 10:14 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview; Groups: Community
As open source software becomes more and more prevalent in the everyday life or more and more people, many are quick to point to it as evidence of the success of a new way of developing software. However, before there even was an open source community, there was the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the Free Software movement. Today, the FSF is as active as ever, promoting their ideals and goals. One group has formed itself around these Free Software ideals, and expanded to include the idea of Free Culture as well. This group has found a home at and the associated Libervis Network, founded by Daniel Orsolic. Recently Daniel took some time to sit down with us and discuss his group's history, future, and share some of his own views and opinions on free Software and Free Culture.

Symphony OS

  • DebCentral; By Josh (Posted by jimf on Sep 22, 2005 7:47 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Debian
Symphony OS is one of the most original Linux distros available today. Usually, a distro's most recognizable feature, and the one shown in the mandatory screenshots, is the desktop environment. With Symphony OS, the screenshots are the first hint that this is not your ordinary remix.


It always amazes me the amount of misplaced passion and anger that people can generate for inanimate objects. From the Furd vs Cheby fans to the Windows vs Linux vs Mac wars.... Sadly, this is not just advocacy, but descends into senseless name calling and personal insults at the drop of a hat. You'd think that people would have better things to do with their lives, but apparently that isn't the case.