LXer Weekly Roundup for 25-Dec-2011

Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Dec 26, 2011 12:57 AM
LXer Linux News; By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.)

LXer Feature: 25-Dec-2011

For Christmas this year I bring you a LXWR overloaded with FOSS goodness such as Larry the Free Software Guy spends a "Week in Limbo", BT gives the gift of a patent war to Google, Ubuntu..a Linux apart, two original articles entitled "Why The Linux Desktop Still Rocks" and "Why Linux Desktop Makes Total Sense", the 5 types of very annoying Linux users and last but not least Helios gets to play Santa..and likes it. Enjoy!

A Week in Limbo: This week -- that's right, seven days, from Sunday to Sunday (12/18 to Christmas Day) -- Larry the Free Software Guy spends a "Week in Limbo" putting the ZaReason Limbo 5440 desktop through paces only he can muster. After two days, he sums up the experience so far in four words: Kid, meet candy store.

BT's gift to Google: A patent war over Android: Adwords, Music, Maps and mobile OS land Google in court It's open season now. BT is the latest company to sue Google, alleging patent infringement, but this latest barrage extends beyond Google's Android software - it touches to other Google services too. These include maps, music, social networking and its advertising services, including Adwords, claims BT.

Ubuntu; apparently, a Linux apart from Linux: Some minutes ago I remembered that I could check how many views I got, did so, and noticed some strange date in Pageviews by Operating Systems part of the stats page.

Mint Cocktail: Mojito or Molotov: You can enjoy this operating system, and think it is a nice Mint-flavoured Mojito. Or, you can steer clear from it, like you would a bomb or a Molotov cocktail.

Download Firefox 9.0 Final for Linux: Mozilla unofficially released last evening, December 19th, the highly anticipated Mozilla Firefox 9.0 web browser for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. There's no official announcement yet, but the binary and source archives of the final version of Mozilla Firefox 9.0 were made available for download on the official FTP site of the Mozilla company.

Why The Linux Desktop Still Rocks: I needed that peace of mind that I never got with Windows, viruses always crashing my PC. I would have liked to get a Mac at some stage but the cost of it was a problem. Then I settled on Linux, and haven't looked back since.

Managing Services on Linux with systemd: "Here We Go Again, Another Linux Init: Intro to systemd" discusses the concepts behind systemd and what it is supposed to do. Now it's time to learn how to use it to control services on our systems. systemd is backwards-compatible with sysvinit and Upstart, so you can try it out by installing it on any Linux that uses sysvinit or Upstart without a lot of extra work. Arch Linux, Debian, and OpenSUSE all include systemd in their software repositories.

Apple Ruling Hits Android: Apple Inc. was handed a legal victory that is bad news for rival Google Inc., as a U.S. trade agency ruled that some HTC Corp. smartphones that use the Internet company's Android software infringe an Apple patent.

What's the best Linux desktop environment?: These are interesting times for the Linux desktop. The often-overlooked area of the Linux ecosystem is now the centre of attention and, while some users have welcomed the changes, others have reacted in true community style: ranting and raging, threatening to abandon ship or, when all else fails, demanding a fork.

Why Linux Desktop Makes Total Sense: Unity is more natural and user friendly to me than anything else..finally. I have not booted windows for 4 months. This is not one of those hate article or Windows vs Linux article, so if you have such intentions please feel free to escape this article presently.

5 types of very annoying Linux users: Since I use Linux for several years now I’ve found Linux users of all kinds, having a blog has helped me to identify many types of Linux users. But of all the guys there are some that are very annoying and I will try to classify them. I promise that this post is angering some who feel identified.

Of Penguins and Presents: "Does he really give you presents?" I just nodded and smiled then looked back on the computer screen. See, personally; and even at an early age, I've been uncomfortable with the whole Santa Claus thing. Again, it's a personal thing and I don't judge or begrudge anyone for perpetuating the tradition. It just sits inside me wrong. But then I came upon the answer I wanted to give him..

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