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Dude Installs Linux On PS3, Doesn’t Dig Games Apparently

  • CrunchGear; By Vince Veneziani (Posted by dcparris on Nov 21, 2006 1:57 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
We all knew it was a matter of time before that one guy got his mitts on a PS3 and spent all afternoon trying to get Linux on it. Well there’s now a video on YouTube that looks pretty legit (although let’s face it, it could easily just be thrown together) showing Linux being run on the PS3.

[Maybe he likes the hardware, but doesn't want non-libre games? - dcparris]

Book Review: Designing with Web Standards (2nd Edition)

From the author's first paragraph in Before You Begin: "This book is for designers, developers, owners, and managers who want their sites to cost less, work better, and reach more people - not only in today's browsers, screen readers, and wireless devices, but in tomorrow's, next year's, and beyond..." Notice Zeldman didn't say the book is for people who want to build their first website and need to learn html, css, xml, and javascrpt. Please keep that in mind before considering buying this book.

Moglen: how we'll kill the Microsoft Novell deal

We'll fight them on the breaches...Interview If Microsoft is seeking for a courtroom collision with the world of free software, it may be disappointed.

Nokia Chooses Linux for Telecom Solution

Nokia has selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its primary operating system for carrier-grade server platforms. Red Hat will provide Nokia with onsite consulting, support, certification and training services, and will be tightly integrated with Nokia's technical team for telecommunications solutions development.

Wallace Appeal on GPL Ruling rejected

  • Groklaw; By The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (Posted by SFN on Nov 20, 2006 10:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has handed down a ruling rejecting Daniel Wallace's claim that the GPL violates Federal Antitrust Laws.

National Severe Storms Laboratory Gains New Real-Time Insights Into Weather Systems With Help From SGI Altix

Researchers Simulate Individual Thunderstorms in Real Time, Arming Forecasters With Better Guidance for Storm Watches and Warnings

[Press release is about SGI Altix, but includes a reference to SUSE Linux. - dcparris]

Three, two, one…Geronimo!, Part 3: Issues of state

This article demonstrates how Apache Geronimo maintains the state of thousands of simultaneous connections so that IT managers can breathe easier.

Report: SCALE Readies 'Non-Commercial' Open Source Conference

Despite the proliferation of LinuxWorld and other commercial open source shows, several regional Linux organizations continue to hold their own conferences and expos. Jacqueline Emigh highlights one such conference, the popular and growing SCALE 5X show in Los Angeles.

[I will be going to report on the event for LXer. - Scott]

Cheat Sheet: Open source licences

Let me start by saying, if you happen to think that all open source software is created equal, you are very, very wrong.

Brief: Microsoft Sits On Linux Dilemma Of Its Own Making

It's threatening to sue Linux users, which are in all likelihood its own customers as well.

[Well, this is certainly an interesting point. My attitude towards a vendor threatening me like this would be ambivalent, at best. What about you? - Don]

ONStor and 3PAR Enable Holiday Consumers to Shop Around the Clock

Shopzilla Turns to ONStor and 3PAR to Handle Storage and Performance Demands Driven by Holiday Shopping Volumes

Linux-running PS3 offered on eBay

Dual-boot guaranteed, apparentlyWant to run Linux on the PlayStation 3 but can't be bothered with the hassle of installing it? Then head over to online auction site eBay where one of Sony's next-generation consoles is on offer pre-loaded with Fedora Core 5 Linux.…

Red Hat Releases RHEL 5 Beta 2

Red Hat's new RHEL 5 Beta 2 release includes some 1,200 new components. Among the highlights are security enhancements through SE Linux, single-node Global File System for simplified clustering, and virtualization, which "overwhelms all other features," says Red Hat Marketing Manager Nick Carr.

MIT partners in Free State FabLab

The Central University of Technology has opened up South Africa's fourth "fabrication laboratory" or FabLab. One of only 11 such programmes worldwide, it involves the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy (MIT) and the Department of Science and Technology.

Moglen: How we'll kill the Microsoft Novell deal

If Microsoft is seeking for a courtroom collision with the world of free software, it may be disappointed. Novell's decision to accept $348m from Redmond in return for a patent agreement covering its SuSE Linux distribution won't be seen on CourtTV anytime soon, we learn. Instead it's adopting the stealthier strategy of changing the licensing terms under which Novell, which uses the community's code, receives the materials for its commercial product.

JBoss' Fleury Comes Out Swinging at Microsoft, Oracle

At the JBoss Berlin show, JBoss and Red Hat officials throw down the gauntlet against all haters.

Microsoft makes claim on Linux code

And sets alarm bells ringing in open source communityMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that every user of the open source Linux system could owe his company money for using its intellectual property. The statement will confirm the worst fears of the open source community.

SC06: A Beowulf cluster of supercomputer people

SC06, "the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking and storage," was held last week in Tampa, Florida. I took my video camera with me so that I could give you a little feeling of what the show was like, and even grabbed a couple of shots of the "by invitation only" Beowulf Users Group party that was held at a bar a few blocks away from the Tampa Convention Center.

Linux IDE gets update

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — MontaVista Software Inc. last week announced the beta release of an integrated development environment (IDE), code-named Project Tsuki, that promises full compatibility with the Eclipse framework. It supports the MontaVista Linux operating system with new analysis features aimed at simplifying embedded Linux development.

Vonage Selects EnterpriseDB

Leading Broadband Telephony Provider Lowers Database Total Cost of Ownership; EnterpriseDB's Ability to Run Oracle Applications Key Factor in Decision

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