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Fsm newsletter - 2nd of October 2006

The Free Software Magazine Newsletter for October 2nd 2006.

Slackware 11.0 is out.

From the Changelog: Sun Oct 1 23:50:53 CDT 2006 Slackware 11.0 is released. Thanks to everyone who helped out and made this release possible. If I forgot you in the ChangeLog, mea culpa, but you know who you are, and thanks. :-) Enjoy! -P.

Linux: Losing Bugs In Warnings

Jeff Garzik suggested that more recent versions of GCC have been getting more and more verbose, "the level of warnings in a kernel build has lately increased to the point where it is hiding bugs and otherwise making life difficult." He started a new"gccbug" branch in which he's been silencing bogus warning after verifying that they are indeed bogus, "the audit has already uncovered several minor bugs, lending credence to my theory that too many warnings hides bugs."

Mambo and Joomla: One year on

In August 2005 Mambo, one of open source's poster child content management systems (CMS), was involved in a bitter duel with its core developers, who forked the project to give birth to Joomla. Could the developers survive without the management? Could Mambo do without its developers? Surprisingly, both projects today are doing pretty well. Here's a look at the projects' history, developer relations, community-building, and future prospects.

FSF Targets Apple Stores in Anti-DRM Protests

Members of, a campaign by the Free Software Foundation, are set to descend on flagship Apple stores in New York and London to protest the company's embrace of digital rights management technology.

Stallman to keynote Korean hacker/security conference

Richard Stallman is scheduled to give a keynote address entitled "Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks" at POC 2006 on November 16 in South Korea. POC 2006 (Power of Community) bills itself as a "hacking and security" conference, designed to "share knowledge for the sake of the power of community. POC 2006 believes that the power of community will make the world safer."

Taiwan-based PChome becomes Mozilla Firefox's first portal partner ...

PChome Online, a leading web portal in Taiwan, on October 2 announced cooperation with Mozilla Corporation, a global leading provider of open-source technologies and products, to facilitate Internet use by offering "Firefox for Portal 2.0" service, becoming the first partner for the Mozilla-developed browser Firefox among all portals in Asia.

OpenLibraries Offers “Toolkit” for Developing Rich Media Aps

The Jahshaka Project today announces the availability of the OpenLibraries 0.3.0, a powerful, cross-platform set of C++ libraries that provide developers with key components to create, test and deploy rich media applications.

Novell Continues to Go for SCO's Throat

Forget about who owns Unix or who did what with its code; Novell is asking about SCO's Unix sales to Microsoft and Sun.

The Heath Robinson Rube Goldberg Computer

  •; By Clive Maxfield (Posted by IdaAshley on Oct 3, 2006 9:23 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Imagine a computer formed from a mixture of technologies ranging from relays to fluidic logic. Now imagine being able to create your own single masterpiece of such a computer, in the technology of your choice, using the Internet to run it in conjunction with other portions of the system created around the world! In Part 1 of the HRRG series learn the creation of just such a computing engine and how you can be involved.

SageTV's Linux edition lacks first-class polish

Open source personal video recorder (PVR) software like MythTV has acquired a reputation for being difficult to install and maintain, so you might think that a proprietary PVR app would enjoy an advantage. I put SageTV's Linux media center software through its paces, and I can tell you that it, too, requires commitment. If you stick with it, though, and can outfit your system correctly, it might be worth the $80 price tag, despite a slew of little annoyances.

Los Angeles Public Library Selects ThinkFree Server Edition To Supply Remote Locations With Office Productivity Solutions

Free Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation Applications, Including Multi-Language Support, Made Available to the Public.

Ten Reasons To Dump Windows [II]

  •; By Borys Musielak (Posted by michuk on Oct 3, 2006 7:01 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNU, Linux; Story Type: News Story This is the second part of the article about top ten Windows annoyances which made me switch from XP to GNU/Linux and stick with it. It covers system upgrades, recovery after crashes and overall desktop performance. Read part I here.

Roktoberfest: The Amarok Project Fundraiser

The Amarok Project is giving away an iPod Nano during its current fundraiser to celebrate the month of Roktober. Anyone that gives the equivalent of $10 or more is automatically entered in a random drawing to win a 2GB iPod Nano. Amazingly, a year has passed since the last fundraiser. Having the ability to spend some money on project resources and hardware made a big difference to the project's productivity.

Is Linspire Any Good for System Builders?

  •; By Gundeep Hora (Posted by gsh on Oct 3, 2006 5:26 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linspire
Even though there is still a lot of frustration in regards to the CNR client, thanks to the issues that are yet to be resolved, I’ve begun to see a glimmer of hope.

Interview with Tim Bray

The loud Atom evangelist Tim Bray talks about everything from Ruby to simplified equal opportunity.

Review: Finding China, Crystal, and Tableware With Linux

Seven million customers. Over 11 million items in an inventory with more than 250,000 patterns. Find out how one company in the business of replacing lost items found its way to a better IT solution with Linux.

IBM sweats acquisitions for bumper SOA rollout

IBM today rolled out 23 updated product and 11 professional services offerings for service oriented architectures (SOAs). Some use technology from recent and recent-ish acquisitions, Webify, BuildForge and Bowstreet.

Proofpoint and VMware team up for messaging security

Recently, Proofpoint Inc released the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition, an enterprise-scale virtual appliance that provides messaging security. The new solution utilises VMware's virtual appliance technology to allow simple deployment to provision new Proofpoint Virtual appliances very quickly in response to fluctuating demands.

Sun Creates Advisory Board to Spur OpenSPARC Development

The new OpenSPARC Community Advisory Board will be comprised of five charter members, including two from Sun and three outside the company. The board will set the direction of the OpenSPARC community and solicit input from its members to shape the evolution of the initiative.

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