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An interview with Byron Miller of Mozdex Open Search

Byron Miller is the founder and owner of, an open search engine that uses Free Software/Open Source technology and aims to provide full transparency about the operation of the engine and generation of search results. As a Free Software/Open Source advocate he also runs for congress in USA. Libervis interviewed him about and his views on Free Software and Open Source.

Novell Reaffirms Its Commitment to the OpenDocument Format

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by dcparris on Jan 17, 2006 7:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Novell is Committed to Open Standards, Putting Customer Needs First, Ahead of Proprietary Agendas

Finland: Firefox's market share 38.4%

Helsinki, 17 January, 2006 — According to the French market research company XiTi, Firefox Internet browser has a market share of 38.4% in Finland. This is the largest market share Firefox has in any country. In Slovenia, Firefox's market share is 35.6%, and in Germany 30.27%.

Red Hat's RHCE Tops's 10 Hottest Certifications ...

  • IT News Online; By IT News Online Staff (Posted by tadelste on Jan 17, 2006 6:55 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Red Hat; Story Type: News Story
Red Hat announced the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) has been awarded the top spot on's "10 Hottest Certifications for 2006." RHCE was also named "Best Linux/Unix Certification" in the publication's Annual Readers' Choice Awards.'s annual "10 Hottest Certifications for 2006" is awarded to the certification programs deemed as "most influential in 2006," based on expectations around growth and demonstrating "the true future of IT certification."

Firefox 2.0 Alpha Lands February

Mozilla has become rather good at putting the wind up Microsoft and its antiquated IE browser. That said, to do this is the technological equivalent of a teenager beating up an arthritic old lady, though that hasn’t stopped Mozilla from putting on a pair of knuckledusters.

[Ed: You may see multiple article takes on this announcement -tadelste]

Software patents loom large again

Europe's Internal Markets Commissioner Charlie McCreevy on Monday launched an initiative that could re-open the controversial software patents debate. As part of the initiative McCreevy has unveiled a public consultation on how future action in patent policy to create an EU-wide patent system can take account of "stakeholders' needs." The Commissioner is also looking for feedback as to how to improve the patent system in Europe.

[Ed: O.k. folks, wake up! Time to get rolling! If we don't speak, we cannot be heard! - dcparris]

GhostWriter: A Linux distro for writers

One of the things that I love about Linux is that it has tools for everyone, including writers. Linux distributions come with word processors, text editors, spell checkers, typesetting, and publishing tools galore. Normally, you're using these tools with a standard desktop distribution in an environment like KDE or GNOME. Billy-Bob Ming, however, has taken a different tack and rolled his own Linux distro specifically aimed at writers.

GPLv3 draft tackles new 'threats' to free software

Fifteen years since the release of the GNU Public Licence version 2, FSF founder Richard Stallman has updated the licence to deal with new threats to the free software movement such as software patents and digital rights management. The new GPL also looks to make the licence more applicable to countries around the world, although there are some potential problems. Tectonic spoke to local legal expert Pria Chetty to get some intitial thoughts in the draft.

GNU/Linux: An Amazing Story

Regardless of the critics, even in spite of them, the Linux Story remains one of the greatest in recorded history. You have protagonists and antagonoists, drama, plots and subplots and we have only made it through part of Act II. So much more remains for others to tell.

Perhaps, the heroics of this story makes Linux so easy to embrace.

Firefox 2.0 Alpha, MacTel Version Soon

Mozilla plans to have an early alpha version of Firefox 2.0 in users hands by February, with builds of Firefox, Camino and Thunderbird for Macs running on Intel processors available the following month, recent statements from company developers indicate.

Details of a release date for Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 [has] appeared ... [and] a security and stability update would be coming to Firefox 1.5 by the end of this month.

Clarity, internationalization on GPL 3 agenda

  • Computerworld Australia; By China Martens (Posted by dcparris on Jan 17, 2006 3:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is due to release the initial draft of the GNU general public license (GPL) version 3 Monday. Software vendors and lawyers expect the draft to include a number of clarifications in the license's wording so it can better recognize global copyright.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 29

Welcome to our issue number 29 of Fedora Weekly News.

Review: Conglomerate XML Editor reaches basic functionality

Graphical XML editors generally take one of two paths. Ones like FrameMaker with SGML provide a tree-like structure that is often more arcane than editing the raw files. Others, like XMetal, offer a graphical interface whose resemblance to a standard word processor can be equally misleading. By contrast, Conglomerate takes a different approach with a graphical representation of XML structure that no one could mistake for anything else. Currently at version 0.9.1, Conglomerate still has rough edges, but enough basic functionality to suggest the potential of its approach.

Issue 10 of Free Software Magazine is out and it's free!

  • Free Software Magazine; By Tony Mobily (Posted by dave on Jan 17, 2006 1:03 AM EDT)
The latest issue of the world's leading free software magazine is out and as usual it's free:

GPL V3 - first draft

It's out! The first draft of version three of the heart and soul of open source software– the GNU General Public License – was released tonight after 15 years of status quo. Tectonic brings you the full document.

Gnu Classpath 0.20

GNU Classpath, essential libraries for java, is a project to create free core class libraries for use with runtimes, compilers and tools for the java programming language.

FSF Explains GPL 3.0 Vision

The co-authors of GPLv3 release a document giving the rationale behind the changes proposed to the open-source license.

Comment on the ATI petition

I have written a wee comment about that petition, criticising the shortfalls I see.

Setting up a local web server in Debian Linux

Any web developer, designer, or webmaster can benefit from having a local web server. Even if that developer has no interest in securing and maintaining the server his or her websites live on, a local web server can act as a convenient mirror for testing updates, trying new designs, and other general sand-boxing activities.

Fedora Core 3 Transferred to Fedora Legacy

With the release of Fedora Core 5 Test 2, the Fedora Core Steering Committee would like to announce the transfer of Fedora Core 3 to the Fedora Legacy Project.

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