Mozilla Links Newsletter - 12 - February 3, 2004

Posted by dave on Feb 4, 2004 6:13 AM EDT
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In this issue: Tab scroller, customizing file types handling, translation languages, sundry news reports, project updates, visitor poll and more.

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 12 - February 3, 2004

Welcome back to Mozilla Links!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Mozilla Links Sponsorship Program (MLSP). This is a service offered to technology businesses in general who may want to offer their products and services to Mozilla Links subscribers through our regular Advertisement section. All revenue of the English edition will go directly to the Mozilla Foundation. Check HYPERLINK for all the details.

We are also pleased to announce the availability of four new Mozilla Links editions: Czech, Chinese (traditional), Japanese and German are joining to Polish and Dutch. So chances are greater now for you to read this newsletter in your preferred language. Visit HYPERLINK to join any edition. Feel free to contact us if you are interested on managing a localised edition of Mozilla Links. And once again, thanks to the Mozilla community for your continuous support.

In another aspect, as we all await for the release of more Mozilla merchandise (and hope for our preferred item to be considered), we would like to know which kind of merchandise you're waiting for. You can submit your opinion through this issue's poll or just drop us a letter to let us know what merchandise you'd like to see available.

Thanks for reading and please let us know any comments to .

Percy Cabello
Mozilla Links

In this issue:


    • Tab Scroller
    • Customizing How Mozilla File Types Handling
    • Set Your Translation Language

    • Reports Mozilla Usage Share at 1.8%
    • Publishes Mozilla Firebird Primer for Windows Users
    • Mozilla Developer Day Announced for February 27th
    • Schedule for Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0 Published


    • Project of the Week: QuickNote
    • Independent Status Report




Featured Extension: Tab Scroller

(developed by Jochen)

This extension allows to select a tab with the mouse scroll wheel. Just install it and restart your browser (Mozilla Browser or Mozilla Firebird). Open several tabs. To select one of them, right click and use the scroll wheel to switch browser tab.



Mozilla Links Tip: Customizing How Mozilla File Types Handling
(contributed by

When you click on a link to a file like a word document, song or movie, Mozilla uses Helper Applications to display these filetypes (e.g. Mozilla will start Adobe Acrobat Reader if you click on a link to a PDF file). The first time Mozilla encounters a new file type, it will show a pop-up dialogue that asks what to do with this filetype, allowing you to check "Always perform this action when handling files of this type" and you will not see this pop-up again.

If you change your mind aftwerwards and would like to change this settings:

  • - In the "Edit" menu, select Preferences/Navigator/Helper applications.
  • - You will see a list of all the helper applications that Mozilla knows on the right hand side.
  • - Look through the list and click on the helper application you wish to change (e.g. application/pdf)
  • - Click on the Edit button
  • - You will have the same options presented the first time:
    • - Open it using the operating system default application.
    • - Open it with a program (executable file) you choose.
    • - Save it to disk
    • - Be asked what to do in each case. To do this, check "Always ask me before handling files of this type."



Mozilla Links PowerTip: Set Your Translation Language
(contributed by Percy Cabello)

As you may know Mozilla 1.6 features back the automatic translation tool. With this, you can visit any website, select the Tools menu, click on "Translate Page" and you will have an English version of that web page, provided by Google (TM) Language Tools.

If you want to customize Mozilla so that it provides a translation in your own language (limited to those offered by Google), follow this steps:

  • Type about:config in the Lcoation bar
  • Search for the parameter "browser.translation.service"
  • Edit the URL specified from:

to, for example, to set Google to automatically translate from english to spanish:


As you may note, the addition is the "langpair" parameter which sets the source and target languages. Currently valid language pairs (as available in HYPERLINK ), are:

en|de : English to German
en|es : English to Spanish
en|fr : English to French
en|it : English to Italian
en|pt : English to Portuguese

de|en : German to English
de|fr : German to French
es|en : Spanish to English
fr|en : French to English
fr|de : French to German
it|en : Italian to English
pt|en : Portuguese to English


Need more tips? Try the TipBar Extension to get the Tip of the Day in Mozilla Firebird. Grab it at HYPERLINK

You can also visit HYPERLINK for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to .


(contributed by MozillaZine, your source for Mozilla news and advocacy. HYPERLINK) Reports Mozilla Usage Share at 1.8%

The latest browser figures from show that Mozilla has a 1.8% global usage share. This makes it the fourth most popular browser after Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 5.5 and 5. In total, IE has a global usage share of 94.8 percent, according to the Amsterdam-based website statistics firm. browser usage share statistics :


Full story : HYPERLINK Publishes Mozilla Firebird Primer for Windows Users

Technology and culture site has published a primer introducing Windows users to Mozilla Firebird. The article outlines some reasons to switch to Firebird and offers some advice about making it the default browser and installing Macromedia Flash Player.

Mozilla Firebird Primer for Windows Users : HYPERLINK

Full story : HYPERLINK

Mozilla Developer Day Announced for February 27th

The Mozilla Foundation has announced a Developer Day to be held on Friday, February 27th. The preliminary schedule includes a Roadmap roundtable and sessions on quality assurance, Web services and Mozilla Calendar. Depending on the turnout, the event will be held at the Mozilla Foundation offices in Mountain View, California or at an alternative facility in the vicinity of Mountain View. In order to secure the proper size facility, developers should register early by sending to an email ASAP to There will be a $10 registration fee to attend, which includes a pizza lunch.

Full story : HYPERLINK

Schedule for Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0 Published

A schedule for the Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0 has been published. The event will take place at FOSDEM 2004 in Brussels on February 21st and 22nd.

Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0 Schedule : HYPERLINK

Full story : HYPERLINK


(contributed by Alex Bishop)

As Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderebird and Camino head towards their 1.0 releases, new checkin requirements mean that developers making API changes to core Mozilla components must now ensure that they do not break Firebird, Thunderbird or Camino : HYPERLINK

The Mozilla bug tracking system,, has been upgraded to a newer version. Regressions are being tracked in the regressions meta-bug. If you think you have found a regression, check the list of known regressions to see if yours has been filed already, then file it if not.

Regressions meta-bug : HYPERLINK

List of known regressions : HYPERLINK

File a regression bug : HYPERLINK

Several new enhancements have been added to development versions of Mozilla recently. When starting the Mozilla Application Suite Mail & Newsgroups component or Mozilla Thunderbird in online mode, the user is now prompted to send any unsent messages (bug 232452). Meanwhile, the dialog displayed when a site wants to store a cookie now allows to user to accept the cookie for just the current session (bug 230624).

Finally, Camino now requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 or above (bug 184864), due to instability problems with earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Full status update : HYPERLINK


(contributed by Brian King)

Project of the Week: QuickNote

QuickNote is a compact but very useful extension. According to the author, it is loosely modeled after 'Post-It', 'Sticky', and the

"Quick Notepad" plugin for jedit. With a list of features, it's goal is to be unintrusive yet at the same time adding to productivity. You can lauch it in it's own window, in the sidebar, or in a window tab. Whichever method you choose, contained within you can have up to 4 tabs for your notes. There is an autosave option, or the option to Save As to store the note for use elsewhere. Perhaps the nicest feature so far is the ability to send selected text from the browser to QuickNote. This is available as a context menu item, and one of the preferences will allow you to include the page URL when you do this action. At version 0.5 at the time of writing, it is very much usable and worth checking out.



Independent Status Reports

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

The latest report was posted on February 1, 2004 and includes :

Urlnav - v0.1.0, an Extension for navigating up and down a captured URL, allows you to navigate up or down the numeric portion of that url, or run a slide show. It also let's you return to that captured url. There are many future plans, including making it tab specific and allowing the user to select the portion of the URL to increment/decrement. HYPERLINK

Weather — v1.0 beta, show current weather conditions in Mozilla Thunderbird, is at its initial release stage but it works fine on both Thunderbird 0.4 and the latest nightlies. Features include current temperature and forecast for any US zip code in your e-mail client and humidity, wind chill, dew point, barometric pressure, and more available in tooltip. HYPERLINK

Dictionary Search - v0.2, to lookup words on webpage in an online dictionary, 0.2 was released on 29th of January. You can now select the online dictionary you want to use. On the homepage you can find a list of dictionaries for quite a number of languages. HYPERLINK

easyGestures - v2.5.1, which adds UI with mouse gestures and customizable actions. This new release features an option to use small icons for those who prefer a small UI. A useful FAQ is now online. HYPERLINK

QuickNote - v0.5, a note taking extension slightly modeled after 'Post-It', 'Sticky' and the "Quick Notepad" plugin for jedit, 0.5 is a huge release with many many new features. Notable Highlights are improved Mozilla suite support (sidebar, prefs, etc.), tons of bug fixes (TB crashed, etc.) and more customization (colours, background, CSS styles). HYPERLINK

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at HYPERLINK


On our last issue we asked what topics you would like to see featured in future issues, here are the results.

- Mastering the Internet with       38% |]]]]]]]]
  Mozilla products
- Deploying Mozilla products in     16% |]]]
  the enterprise
- Developing Mozilla applications   24% |]]]]]
- Inside the Mozilla Foundation     13% |]]]
- Inside mozillaZine,     9% |]]
  and other Mozilla websites
- Other topics                       1% |

(*) Results may not sum up to 100% due to rounding.

This issue's poll : What kind of Mozilla merchandise are you more likely to buy?

- Clothing - Accessories : pins, pens, key chains, ear rings, charms, etc. - Mugs, glasses, coasters, etc. - Paper stuff : stickers, posters, agenda, calendars, notebooks, etc. - Tech related : pen drives, mousepads, phone/LAN cords, USB watches, etc. - Tools : flashlight, lighters, screwdrivers, etc. - Bags : briefcases, laptop bags, CD cases,lunch boxes, back packs and alike. - Car gear : license plate holder, air fresheners, etc.

Let your voice be counted at HYPERLINK

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