Mozilla Links Newsletter - 21 - August 7, 2004

Posted by dave on Aug 8, 2004 4:36 AM EDT
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According to the roadmap, Firefox 0.9 was supposed to be feature complete, leaving the time between this and 1.0 to be dedicated to final touches. However, during the last weeks several nice enhancements have been added including a trio of new features

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 21 - August 7, 2004

According to the roadmap, Firefox 0.9 was supposed to be feature complete, leaving the time between this and 1.0 to be dedicated to final touches. However, during the last weeks several nice enhancements have been added including a trio of new features:

- Livemarks are special bookmarks that point to RSS/Atom feeds. When you visit a site with a declared RSS feed, Firefox displays an icon in the status bar that you can click to add a Livemark to that feed. Livemarks' contents are automatically expaded in the Bookmarks and refreshed according to user's preferences. Similar support is being developed for Thunderbird and, of course, synchorization with Firefox Livemarks is in the wish list. - A new Find toolbar will replace the "Find as you type" feature. But don't miss it. It's just a better UI for this much praised feature. You press "/" or "'" to search in the text or links only, and the "Find Toolbar" will rise in the bottom with handy buttons for "Find Next", "Find Previous" and a new "Highlight" button whch will mark all occurances of the searched string. - A whitelist of trusted websites. Only websites on this whitelist are allowed to install extensions. If you click on an XPI link at a non white-listed website, a block will appear below the toolbars notifying on the block and offering to add the website to the whitelist.

Among the enhancements: - Quick access button to download folder added to Download Manager. - Bookmarks Manager now includes a left panel for easier exploration of bookmarks. - In addition to the security icon in the status bar, secure sites now are better identified by a yellow background in the location bar. - Updates to the default Winstripe theme. - Profile migration support for Konqueror, Epiphany, Omniweb and Camino.

A new website has been launched for Mozilla Links. Past issues will be added for future reference. A new portuguese (Brazilian) edition is now available. Subscribe to it at

Thanks for reading and please send any comments to []

Percy Cabello Mozilla Links

---------------------------------------------------------------------- In this issue:

1. BETTER MOZILLA - Review: WebMail Compose 0.3.5 - Tip: Master The Search Bar - Tip: Stay Tuned To New Extensions And Themes - PowerTip: Restore "Ask Before Closing"



4. AROUND MOZILLA - Independent Status Reports



1. BETTER MOZILLA ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Review: WebMail Compose 0.3.5 (developed by Jed Brown)

Chances are you have a web mail address and it is your most used account. But every time you click an e-mail link (mailto:), your operating system will try to launch your e-mail client.

Enter WebMail Compose a tiny but powerful extension for Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape that evolved from the GMail Compose extension. When installed, clicking e-mail links (mailto:) will open your favorite webmail service compose screen in a new tab.

WebMail Compose supports Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and out of the box, and you can add a link to your own webmail compose window through the extension's options. You may choose to use more than one service at a time and define a default service. Then, right-click on an e-mail link and select the service you want to use from a context menu. Left-click and WebMail Compose will open your default service. You can also middle-click to open your default e-mail client.

Note that not all webmail clients work. For example, I tried to setup IPswitch-based's webmail client with no success, apparently because it generates a new hash every time you log in, so the links won't work between sessions.

Forthcoming versions will feature more webmail services (OperaMail, Netscape, etc.), support for the "Send Page" menu item and an option to send images as attachments.

WebMail Compose website:


mozillaZine Forum:


Tip: Master The Search Bar (contributed by Percy Cabello)

Firefox's Search Bar becomes more powerful once you learn the available hot keys:

Action Hotkey ====================================== ============================= Go to the search bar Ctrl + K Change the search engine Ctrl + Up, Ctrl + Down See previous search entries Down (it will also automatically display matches as you type) Delete an entry in the search history Shift + Del Open the search results in current tab Enter Open the search results in a new tab Alt + Enter

Remember that adding a new search plugin is a snap: click on the search engine icon and select "Add engines...", or go directly to, where you will find more than 1200 search engines available.


Tip: Stay Tuned To New Extensions And Themes (contributed by Percy Cabello)

If you are a themes and extensions junky, you wil be happy to know that Mozilla Update features several RSS feeds listing the newest, most popular and top rated extensions and themes for main Mozilla products: Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla Suite.

Check them at:

Then syndicate them with Sage (for Firefox):

Or Forumzilla (for Thunderbird):


PowerTip: Restore Ask Before Closing (contributed by Percy Cabello)

Mozilla asked you if you wanted to confirm before closing windows with more than one tab opened. You said no. You just closed a window with more than one tab opened, including a two page e-mail.

Mozilla will not say "I told you!" but you can easily restore the warning:

- Enter "about:config" in the "Location Bar" - Locate the "browser.tabs.warnOnClose" setting - Right-click on it and edit to TRUE


You can also visit for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to [] .

2. MOZILLA COMMUNITY ----------------------------------------------------------------------

This month, Jed Brown, author of the QuickNote, WebMail Compose (featured in this issue) and BBCode extensions, shares with us a little about himself and his experience as an active member of the Mozilla Community.

Mozilla Links: Tell us a little about yourself.

Jed Brown: I'm originally from the USA, but have been in Mexico now for 10 years and study Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering.

ML: What's your involvement with the Mozilla project?

A voluntary contributor. I started the Extension Room project at ( which was the sole Mozilla Extension Database on the net for a long time.

I now help out at Mozilla Update ( in getting extensions listed. I've also made a few extensions for Mozilla and Firefox, and a few for commercial use (private companies).

ML: How did you learn about Mozilla technologies and become able to create extensions?

JB: I started following the Mozilla project when Netscape decided to open the source of it's Navigator code (what would have been 5.0). I tested all the milestone releases, and started using Mozilla as my default browser sometime around M18 (milestone 18) I believe.

Once Mozilla hit 1.0, I dug into other authors code (Tagzilla, Multizilla, etc.) and with the help of XUL Planet ( wrote my first extension, QuickNote.

ML: Tell us about other extensions you've developed or are working on.

JB: The first extension I wrote was QuickNote, which is a note taking extension for Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird. At first it was very simple, but has grown allot thanks to other contributers like Nickolay Ponomarev. Just recently I wrote BBCode which adds common PHPBB BBCode to the context menu for easy mark-up in phpBB based forums like mozillaZine. I also developed GmailCompose which then branched off into WebMailCompose.

ML: Plans for the future?

JB: Not really sure yet. I would love to distribute Firefox throughout my campus and perhaps develop an extension that would be useful for other students.

I need to improve WebMailCompose and add some requested features like send page and send image. I have some good ideas on how to improve BBCode and add HTML/XHTML/etc. support.

I someday would like to make a Kiosk type extension that only allows one to browse a whitelist of URL's. These may or may not happen. Only time will tell.

Thanks to Jed for taking the time to share his thoughts with us. We hope he gets those cool extensions coming.

3. NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------------

WinPatrol To Add Support For Mozilla Firefox -------------------------------------------- On June 20th, BillP Studios announced that upcoming WinPatrol 8.0 (due later this month) will add support for Mozilla Firefox. WinPatrol software monitors and detects changes on computer systems that may indicate attacks by dangerous programs.

"I've never enjoyed being a lemming so I think it's important to support alternative technologies", said Bill Pytlovany, owner of BillP Studios. "The main reason we're adding support for Firefox and possibly other [browsers] is user feedback via e-mail and on our community forum."

WinPatrol will extend some capabilities of Firefox like cookie management. "Instead of blocking or allowing particular cookies or web sites, the WinPatrol Nuts feature provides wild card filtering. This will allow one entry to block a wide variety of tracking cookies."

Since many Firefox users also have Internet Explorer (a main source for malware) installed, Pytlovany warns that even "running IE just once could download code that searches Firefox settings and changes them."

Asked about the Mozilla Suite, Pytlovany said there are no plans at this time to extend support for it.

BillP Studios Press Release:

New Releases To Fix A Handful of Security Issues ------------------------------------------------- On August 4, Firefox 0.9.3, Thunderbird 0.7.3 and Mozilla 1.7.2 were released. These include fixes for a number of security issues discovered during the last month.

On the same topic, the Mozilla Foundation announced the start of the Security Bug Bounty Program which will reward with $500 to users that discover and report security flaws in Mozilla software.

Security Center:

Firefox 1.0 Preview Release Scheduled For Late August ----------------------------------------------------- Ben Goodger, Firefox lead software engineer, announced in a recent post to Inside Firefox, his Firefox devoted blog, that a preview release (internally called 0.10) of Firefox 1.0 is planned for the second or third week of August.

In a previous post, Goodger, announced that they the Mozilla Foundation is aiming for September 14 as the release date of Firefox 1.0. However he also warned that it's just a target date and very likely to be slipped past.

Happy Birthday Mozilla Foundation --------------------------------- "It's already been a year since the Mozilla Foundation was created, and it's been quite a year. The Mozilla Foundation has prospered, our products are receiving rave reviews, consumer and enterprise interest in Mozilla products is at an all time high, the awareness of the importance of choice in browser software is growing and our community remains vigorous and energetic."

Mitchell Baker on Mozilla Foundation's First Anniversary:

4. AROUND MOZILLA ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Independent Status Reports (contributed by Brian King)

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

Mozilla usage and adoption is on the rise ( This can be attributed to a number of factors. However, the primary factor is that it is cutting-edge, quality software. With this in mind, take in the variation of Mozilla development projects below, check some of them out, install and support them. At, we are seeing a sharp increase in new proejcts created, and this we see as a vindication of the time and effort we put in to provide this service to talented Mozilla developers.

The latest report was posted on August 02, 2004 and includes:

cuneAform - 0.2.7DE CC, the HTML Editor for Everyone! For: Mozilla 1.4-Trunk, Firefox 0.7-Trunk Platform: All Platforms cuneAform now supports the CC GNU GPL lincence. We are encouraging everyone to make editations to the core and submit those changes. Also, we are looking for a co-developer for the project.

Flipper - v2.5, a Gallery Flipper. For: Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX It's now compatible with Firefox 0.9 and later releases.

MAF - 0.2.20, Mozilla Archive Format. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux MAF can now save pages in an MHT format that is IE compatible. There were also a few usability improvements including an alert notifying the user when a single page archive is complete and browsing through local archive pages using rewritten links. Check the changelog on the install page for a complete list of changes. Notable Highlights: Improved MHT decoding code, added MHT encoding code, can now save additional Meta-data in MAFs and improved the archive URL rewrite code.

MAB - 1.2.0 a Tool for searching Amazon catalogs and browsing products. For: Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9 Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Installed MAB 1.2 can save the results on your local hard drive. Other Notable Highlights - Show product description, reviews, images, ISBN/ASIN, sales rank and all useful information about the selected product - Add selected products to shopping cart - Use label to categorize your results - Compare price between different Amazon store (com,, de, jp) showing the results on the same list - Export result list in XML and HTML

Mozilla Enterprise, Information and links related to the use of Mozilla in the enterprise environment. For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, This is a new project dedicated to providing information of use to people who need to install or support Mozilla in the enterprise. The inital web pages have been created and numerous information links added.

MozManual - v1.1, an Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users. For: Mozilla Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX The Web version 1.0 is now available. French version now available. Versions in Dutch and Spanish are in progress. Seeking help for German translation.

HONcode Status / HONlookup - v1.3 / v1.2, Extensions to support the Health On the Net Foundation (HON). For: Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Released HONcode Status v1.3 and HONlookup v1.2 to make them compatible with Firefox 0.9.x. The Mozilla versions should work with Mozilla 1.7.

Autofill - v0.1, bringing Autofill to Firefox. For: Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX The first Release, V0.1 is now available. Notable Highlights include: - Creation of an unlimited number of user profiles - Automatically highlight all the fields in the current form that can be filled in - Manifests as an additional toolbar button that can be added to any existing toolbar (like the Navigation Toolbar) to save screen real estate - True support of RFC3106 (E-commerce field specifications,, unlike Google's Autofill.

DerBrowserTimer - v0.3.1, a Timer/Clock/Alarm addon for Mozilla Firefox. For: Firefox 0.9 and up Platform: All DerBrowserTimer 0.3.1 was released on 7/22/04. Der Browser Timer is a timer/clock/alarm add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It places a digital time readout on the right side of the browser menu bar, allows you to set an alarm with an audible alert and/or visual notification, and can also be configured to signal the hour or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock. This alpha version includes multiple time display formats, three alarm types, autonomous shut off, auto reset, choice of alarm sounds including user-specified file, cuckoo function, and rudimentary help documentation.

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at

5. POLL ----------------------------------------------------------------------

On our last issue, we asked what kind of application do you use the most?:

- Web browser 74% |]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] - E-mail client 14% |]]] - Word processing 0% | - Spreadsheet 2% | - Development tools 4% |] - Other applications 3% |]

This issue poll: Have you converted some people to switch to a Mozilla product?

- Yes, more than 20 - Yes, more than 10 - Yes, more than 5 - Yes, less than 5 - Nope, I am selfish and evil Let your voice be counted at

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