LXer Weekly Roundup for 04-May-2014

Posted by Scott_Ruecker on May 4, 2014 3:07 PM EDT
LXer Linux News; By Scott Ruecker (Phoenix, U.S.)
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LXer Feature: 04-May-2014

The first week of May and the summer heat has arrived here in Phoenix. In the Roundup this week we have Keith Curtis learning to love Heartbleed, Google's Web Designer comes to Linux, Red Hat acquires Inktank, a nice Konqueror vs Firefox review (Konqueror was the first native Linux browser I used when I switched years ago), the new Firefox 29 looks a lot like Chrome if you ask me, the FCC chairman does nothing to instill any confidence in me and it being May 4th I hope you have a Happy Star Wars Day. Enjoy!

Open Core Initiative Promises Millions of Dollars for Open Source Security: The Linux Foundation, along with channel partners, have launched the Open Core Initiative to improve the security of open source projects such as OpenSSL. The Heartbleed fiasco is doing little to promote confidence in the open source mantra that "many eyes make all bugs shallow." But it has spawned a new multimillion-dollar undertaking, called the Core Infrastructure Initiative, which the Linux Foundation and a slew of industry partners say will help improve security in OpenSSL and other key open source projects going forward.

Shipping the LibreOffice HiDPI Patches, or How I Learned to Love Heartbleed: I wrote my story about getting writing some HiDPI patches into LibreOffice, but it was an unfinished one because while the code had gotten accepted into the main Master branch, there was a lot remaining.

5 lessons open education resources can learn from FOSS: While the OER community owes some of its genesis to the open source and free software movements, there are some aspects of how and why these movements work that I think are missing or need greater emphasis.

How to use Google Web Designer for HTML5 design on Linux: Google Web Designer is a GUI tool created by Google for designing advanced HTML5 content using an integrated visual editor interface. It can create an interactive HTML5 web page as well as animated graphic ads that can run on any device. This tool is finally available for Linux, while it is still in beta stage.

Red Hat Acquires Open-Source Storage Vendor Inktank for $175 Million: Inktank is the lead commercial vendor behind the open-source Ceph distributed storage filesystem created by Sage Weil, who is also the company's CEO. The open-source Ceph project officially got under way in 2006 and became part of the mainline Linux 2.6.34 kernel in May of 2010.

Making science more open at GitHub: Arfon Smith works at GitHub and is involved in a number of activities at the intersection of open science, open source, and online research. He has worked on several successful citizen science projects, like Zooniverse, a platform he co-founded where people can analyze real astronomical data and make significant contributions. Since his move to GitHub, Arfon has broadened his focus to how GitHub can help make academic collaborations behave more like open source ones. how Arfon Smith made it to his dream job in this interview.

Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Security Bugs, Black Hats & Linux: Let’s face it, anyone still running XP who’s also still using Internet Explorer as a default browser isn’t the most computer knowledgeable person in the universe or even on the block. Forget the fact that Internet Explorer has never been a secure browser, XP users haven’t even been able to upgrade the browser since version 8, released five years ago.

Firefox 29 out now, gets design overhaul: Firefox 29 has been revealed and is billed as the biggest update to the open source browser since Firefox 4 in 2011, with a new design and more customisation tools.

FCC Chairman clarifies Open Internet Proposed Rulemaking: FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, spoke yesterday to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and put forward his views regarding proposed "Open Internet" rules. Here is the text of his talk...

FCC Chairman: I’d Rather Give In To Verizon’s Definition Of Net Neutrality Than Fight: With every word he writes, recently installed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler shows he has little interest or belief in net neutrality as most consumers understand it. In another flimsy attempt at defending his position on “fast lanes” — i.e., allowing Internet service providers to charge more to content companies seeking priority access to end-users — Wheeler contends that consumers should do what Verizon and other telecoms want because well, it could take a while to do it correctly.

FCC's Wheeler Says That If These Lame Net Neutrality Rules Don't Work, He'll Implement The Real Rules Next Time: Following his weak attempt to diffuse concerns about his bogus "open internet" rules, FCC boss Tom Wheeler has decided to try again, by basically repeating what he said last week with slightly stronger language about how he won't let broadband providers violate net neutrality. Of course, as many people have explained, the problem is that the new rules clearly aren't strong enough, and leave open all sorts of ways to kill off basic neutrality online. Of course, the real problem is that the original 2010 "open internet" rules (which were really crafted by the telcos in the first place) didn't really protect net neutrality in the first place, and the new rules are basically an even weaker version of those rules.

Konqueror vs Firefox: When I installed the openSUSE KDE edition I noticed that there were 2 browsers installed. Konqueror is part of KDE so it is no surprise that this is installed but by providing Firefox as well are the openSUSE developers saying Konqueror isn't good enough?

A Cool Project for Microsoft: Adopt Linux: "Do you know Linux? WE ARE HIRING!" That's what billboards from HostGator have been saying for the past several years. That company is not alone. Demand for Linux talent is high and getting higher.

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