Oracle 10g installation on RHEL AS 3,Red Hat FC 2 and 1

Posted by dba477 on Oct 24, 2004 5:27 AM EDT
LXer; By Boris Derzhavets
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Exporting environment variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 will affect performance of Oracle 10g instance on Red Hat Linux starting with version 9, i.e. version with Native Posix Threads Implementation.

Each one of articles below:-

Contains instructions:-

Login as the oracle user and add the following lines at the end of the .bash_profile file:

# Oracle Settings TMP=/tmp; export TMP TMPDIR=$TMP; export TMPDIR

ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle; export ORACLE_BASE ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/10.1.0/db_1; export ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_SID=TSH1; export ORACLE_SID ORACLE_TERM=xterm; export ORACLE_TERM PATH=/usr/sbin:$PATH; export PATH PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH; export PATH

if [ $USER = "oracle" ]; then
  if [ $SHELL = "/bin/ksh" ]; then
    ulimit -p 16384
    ulimit -n 65536
    ulimit -u 16384 -n 65536

Hope this helps. Regards Tim...

Compare previous oracle .bash_profiles with Werner Puschitz directives


Setting Oracle Environments

Since the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) "runInstaller" is run from the oracle account, some environment variables must be configured for this account before OUI is started.

Execute the following commands for the Bash shell which is the default shell on Red Hat Linux (to verify your shell run: echo $SHELL):

su - oracle export ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle export ORACLE_SID=test

NOTE: If ORACLE_BASE is used, then Oracle recommends that you don't set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable but that you choose the default path suggested by the OUI. You can set and use ORACLE_HOME after you finished running OUI.

To have these environment variables set automatically each time you login as oracle, you can add these environment variables to the ~oracle/.bash_profile file which is the user startup file for the Bash shell on Red Hat Linux.

su - oracle cat >> ~oracle/.bash_profile << EOF export ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle export ORACLE_SID=test EOF

Updates after Running Oracle Universal Installer

After Oracle10g has been installed, make sure that ORACLE_HOME and PATH are set for the oracle account:

oracle$ export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/10.1.0/db_1 oracle$ export PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin

To have these environment variables set each time you login as oracle, add the configuration of the above Oracle environment variables to the ~oracle/.bash_profile file if you use bash (echo $SHELL).

Werner Puschitz doesn't include

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1

into Oracle's .bash_profile

RHEL AS 3,Red Hat FC 2,1 have Native Posix Threads Implemented and Oracle 10g supports NPTL
Hence, using old threads model as is advised at will affect performance of your Oracle 10g instance.

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