Fedora-netdev FC4: kernel-2.6.14-1.1644_FC4.netdev.5 is now available!

Posted by tadelste on Dec 12, 2005 11:51 AM EDT
Mailing list; By John W. Linville
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FC4.netdev.4 (kernel-2.6.14-1.1644_FC4.netdev.5) is now available.

For information regarding the Fedora-netdev kernel series, please visit the following link:.


The following patches are included on top of the official Fedora kernel sources: - sky2: new experimental Marvell Yukon2 driver - 8139cp: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - 8139too: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - b44: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - e1000: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - e100: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - forcedeth: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - ixgb: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - ne2k-pci: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - pcnet32: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - r8169: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - skge: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - sundance: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - via-rhine: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - Replace drivers/net/wan custom ctype macros with standard ones - drivers/net/wan/: possible cleanups - lne390 bogus casts - C99 initializers in ray_cs.c - mii: Add test for GigE support - Add rapidio net driver - pcnet32: set_ringparam implementation - pcnet32: set min ring size to 4 - sky2: driver update. - orinoco: Remove conditionals that are useless in the kernel drivers. - orinoco: Don't include twice. - orinoco: Update PCMCIA ID's. - Fixed some endian issues with 802.11 header usage in ieee80211_rx.c - ieee80211 quality scaling algorithm extension handler - ieee80211 Added wireless spy support - Changed 802.11 headers to use ieee80211_info_element[0] - ieee80211 Removed ieee80211_info_element_hdr - ieee80211 Cleanup memcpy parameters. - ieee80211 Switched to sscanf in store_debug_level - ieee80211 Fixed type-o of abg_ture -> abg_true - Updated ipw2200 to compile with ieee80211 abg_ture to abg_true change - sky2: fix FIFO DMA alignment problems - sky2: allow ethtool debug access to all of PCI space - sky2: version 0.5 - ieee80211: Updated ipw2100 to be compatible with ieee80211_hdr changes - ieee80211: Updated ipw2100 to be compatible with ieee80211's hard_start_xmit change - ieee80211: Updated ipw2200 to be compatible with ieee80211_hdr changes - ieee80211: Updated ipw2200 to be compatible with ieee80211's hard_start_xmit change. - ieee80211: Updated atmel to be compatible with ieee80211_hdr changes - ieee80211: Fixed a kernel oops on module unload - ieee80211: Hardware crypto and fragmentation offload support - ieee80211: Fix time calculation, switching to use jiffies_to_msecs - ieee80211: Fix kernel Oops when module unload - ieee80211: Allow drivers to fix an issue when using wpa_supplicant with WEP - ieee82011: Added WE-18 support to default wireless extension handler - ieee80211: Renamed ieee80211_hdr to ieee80211_hdr_3addr - ieee80211: adds support for the creation of RTS packets - ieee82011: Added ieee80211_tx_frame to convert generic 802.11 data frames, and callbacks - ieee80211: Fix TKIP, repeated fragmentation problem, and payload_size reporting - ieee80211: Return NETDEV_TX_BUSY when QoS buffer full - ieee80211: Add QoS (WME) support to the ieee80211 subsystem - ieee80211: Added ieee80211_geo to provide helper functions - ieee80211: Added ieee80211_radiotap.h - ieee80211: Additional fixes for endian-aware types - ieee80211: "extern inline" to "static inline" - ieee80211: Type-o, capbility definition for QoS, and ERP parsing - ieee80211: Mixed PTK/GTK CCMP/TKIP support - ieee80211: Keep auth mode unchanged after iwconfig key off/on cycle - ieee80211: Updated copyright dates - ieee80211: Updated hostap to be compatible with ieee80211_hdr changes - ieee80211: Updated hostap to be compatible with extra_prefix_len changes - ieee82011: Remove WIRELESS_EXT ifdefs - forcedeth: add hardware tx checksumming - ieee80211: Added subsystem version string and reporting via MODULE_VERSION - ieee80211: Added handle_deauth() callback, enhanced tkip/ccmp support of varying hw/sw offload - ieee80211: added IE comments, reason_code to reason, removed info_element from ieee80211_disassoc - ieee80211: in-tree driver updates to sync with latest ieee80211 series - ieee80211: update orinoco, wl3501 drivers for latest struct naming - orinoco: Remove inneeded system includes. - orinoco: Make nortel_pci_hw_init() static. - orinoco: Fix memory leak and unneeded unlock in orinoco_join_ap() - orinoco: orinoco_send_wevents() could return without unlocking. - orinoco: Remove unneeded forward declarations. - orinoco: Annotate endianess of variables and structure members. - orinoco: Read only needed data in __orinoco_ev_txexc(). - orinoco: Bump version to 0.15rc3. - RPC: Report connection errors properly when mounting with "soft" - RPC: proper soft timeout behavior for rpcbind - NFS: use a constant value for TCP retransmit timeouts - RPC: portmapper doesn't need a reserved port - RPC: extract socket logic common to both client and server - RPC: introduce client-side transport switch - RPC: transport switch function naming - RPC: Reduce stack utilization in xs_sendpages - RPC: Rename sock_lock - RPC: Rename xprt_lock - RPC: rename the sockstate field - RPC: Eliminate socket.h includes in RPC client - RPC: Add helper for waking tasks pending on a transport - RPC: client-side transport switch cleanup - RPC: separate TCP and UDP write space callbacks - RPC: separate TCP and UDP transport connection logic - RPC: separate TCP and UDP socket write paths - RPC: skip over transport-specific heads automatically - RPC: get rid of xprt->stream - RPC: add API to set transport-specific timeouts - RPC: expose API for serializing access to RPC transports - RPC: expose API for serializing access to RPC transports - RPC: separate xprt_timer implementations - RPC: add generic interface for adjusting the congestion window - RPC: add a release_rqst callout to the RPC transport switch - RPC: remove xprt->nocong - RPC: clean up after nocong was removed - RPC: allow RPC client's port range to be adjustable - RPC: make sure to get the same local port number when reconnecting - RPC: parametrize various transport connect timeouts - RPC: rationalize set_buffer_size - RPC,NFS: new rpc_pipefs patch - Revert "[PATCH] RPC,NFS: new rpc_pipefs patch" - SUNRPC: fix bug in patch "portmapper doesn't need a reserved port" - [netdrvr gianfar] use new phy layer - [netdrvr] delete CONFIG_PHYCONTROL - hostap: Fix pci_driver name for hostap_plx and hostap_pci - hostap: Add support for WE-19 - hostap: Use GFP_ATOMIC to get rid of weird might_sleep issue - hostap: Remove iwe_stream_add_event kludge - Remove WIRELESS_EXT ifdefs from several wireless drivers. - [wireless airo] remove needed dma_addr_t obfuscation - sky2: changing mtu doesn't have to reset link - sky2: cleanup interrupt processing - sky2: add hardware VLAN acceleration support - sky2: explicit set power state - sky2: version 0.6 - sky2: nway reset (BONUS FEATURE) - This patch fixes a typo in ieee80211.h: ieee82011_deauth -> ieee80211_deauth - This will move the ieee80211_is_ofdm_rate function to the ieee80211.h - Currently the info_element is parsed by 2 seperate functions, this - When an assoc_resp is received the network structure is not completely - Lindent and trailing whitespace script executed ieee80211 subsystem - hostap: Remove hw specific dev_open/close handlers - hostap: Fix hostap_pci build with PRISM2_IO_DEBUG - hostap: Do not free local->hw_priv before unregistering netdev - hostap: Unregister netdevs before freeing local data - S2io: MSI/MSI-X support (runtime configurable) - e1000: Support for 82571 and 82572 controllers - e1000: multi-queue defines/modification to data structures - e1000: implementation of the multi-queue feature - e1000: Enable custom configuration bits for 82571/2 controllers - e1000: Fixes for packet split related issues - e1000: Added msleep_interruptible delay - e1000: Flush shadow RAM - e1000: fix warnings - AX.25: Delete debug printk from mkiss driver - AX.25: Convert mkiss.c to DEFINE_RWLOCK - airo: fix resume - s2io: change strncpy length arg to use size of target - [netdrvr s2io] Add a MODULE_VERSION entry - bonding: replicate IGMP traffic in activebackup mode - sky2: add permanent address support. - [wireless ipw2200] remove redundant return statement - S2io: Offline diagnostics fixes - rcu in bpqether driver. - SMACK support for mkiss - Initialize the .owner field the tty_ldisc structure. - SUNRPC: Retry rpcbind requests if the server's portmapper isn't up - RPC: allow call_encode() to delay transmission of an RPC call. - ieee80211: division by zero fix - sb1250-mac: Check the actual setting for reporting hw checksumming. - sb1250-mac: Ensure 16-byte alignment of the descriptor ring. - au1000_eth: Misc Au1000 net driver fixes. - de2104x: Resurrect Cobalt support for 2.6. - sgiseeq: Fix resource handling. - sgiseeq: Configure PIO and DMA timing requests. - declance: Convert to irqreturn_t. - declance: Fix mapping of device. - declance: Deal with the bloody KSEG vs CKSEG horror... - declance: Use physical addresses at the interface level. - ne: Support for RBHMA4500 eval board. - mipsnet: Virtual ethernet driver for MIPSsim. - e1000_intr build fix - s2io build fix - via-rhine: change mdelay to msleep and remove from ISR path - epic100: fix counting of work_done in epic_poll - bonding: cleanup comment for mode 1 IGMP xmit hack - b44: alternate allocation option for DMA descriptors - orinoco: remove redundance skb length check before padding - sundance: remove if (1) { ... } block in sundance_probe1 - sundance: expand reset mask - e1000 build fix - RPC: stops the release_pipe() funtion from being called twice - SUNRPC: Add support for privacy to generic gss-api code. - SUNRPC: Provide a callback to allow free pages allocated during xdr encoding - SUNRPC: Retry wrap in case of memory allocation failure. - RPCSEC_GSS: cleanup au_rslack calculation - RPCSEC_GSS: client-side privacy support - RPCSEC_GSS: Simplify rpcsec_gss crypto code - RPCSEC_GSS: krb5 pre-privacy cleanup - RPCSEC_GSS: Add support for privacy to krb5 rpcsec_gss mechanism. - RPCSEC_GSS remove all qop parameters - RPCSEC_GSS: krb5 cleanup - Fixed problem with not being able to decrypt/encrypt broadcast packets. - sb1250-mac: Get rid of all the funny SBMAC_WRITECSR and SBMAC_READCSR macros. - sb1250-mac: Whitespace cleanup. - sundance: include MII address 0 in PHY probe - e1000: Driver version, white space, comments, device id & other - Fixed oops if an uninitialized key is used for encryption. - sb1250-mac: PHY probing fixes. - ieee80211 subsystem: - Update version ieee80211 stamp to 1.1.6 - [PARISC] Change the driver names so /sys/bus/parisc/drivers/ looks better - [PARISC] Convert parisc_device to use struct resource for hpa - [PARISC] Add NETPOLL support to lasi_82596 - [DECNET]: Remove some redundant ifdeffed code - [NET]: Wider use of for_each_1cpu() - [PKTGEN]: Sleeping function called under lock - [PKTGEN]: Use kzalloc - [PKTGEN]: Spelling and white space - [PKTGEN]: proc interface revision - [NETFILTER] ip_conntrack: Make "hashsize" conntrack parameter writable - [IPV4]: Kill redundant rcu_dereference on fa_info - [IPSEC]: Kill obsolete get_mss function - [NETLINK]: Remove dead code in af_netlink.c - [IPV4]: Remove dead code from ip_output.c - [SK_BUFF] kernel-doc: fix skbuff warnings - [AX.25]: Use constant instead of magic number - [IPV4]: Fix setting broadcast for SIOCSIFNETMASK - [netdrvr forcedeth] scatter gather and segmentation offload support - ieee80211 build fix - Revert "RPC: stops the release_pipe() funtion from being called twice" - RPC: Ensure that nobody can queue up new upcalls after rpc_close_pipes() - gfp_t: net/1 - gfp_t: drivers/net - [ARM] 2919/1: CS8900A ethernet driver modifications for the Comdial MP1000 - [ARM] 2897/2: PXA2xx IRDA support - sky2: remove unused definitions - sky2: use kzalloc - sky2: spelling fixes - sky2: fix NAPI and receive handling - sky2: version 0.7 - DRIVER MODEL: Get rid of the obsolete tri-level suspend/resume callbacks - [Bluetooth] Make more functions static - [Bluetooth] Update security filter for Extended Inquiry Response - [IPv4/IPv6]: UFO Scatter-gather approach - [MCAST] IPv6: Fix algorithm to compute Querier's Query Interval - tg3: add 5714/5715 support - tg3: fix ASF heartbeat - tg3: update version and minor fixes - ibmveth fix bonding - ibmveth fix buffer pool management - ibmveth fix buffer replenishing - ibmveth lockless TX - ibmveth fix failed addbuf - pcnet_cs: fix mii init code for older DL10019 based cards - s2io: kconfig help fix - b44 reports wrong advertised flags - sis190.c: fix multicast MAC filter - smc91x: shut down power after probing - starfire: free_irq() on error path of netdev_open() - [netdrvr b44] include linux/dma-mapping.h to eliminate warning - sundance: fix DFE-580TX Tx Underrun - New PowerPC 4xx on-chip ethernet controller driver - sis900: come alive after temporary memory shortage - Add Wake on LAN support to sis900 (2) - drivers/net: Remove pointless checks for NULL prior to calling kfree() - [netdrvr] ne2k-pci based card does not support bus-mastering. - ipw2200: Missing kmalloc check - [SCTP] Rename SCTP specific control message flags. - [SCTP] Fix SCTP_SETADAPTION sockopt to use the correct structure. - [SCTP] Allow SCTP_MAXSEG to revert to default frag point with a '0' value. - [SCTP] Do not allow unprivileged programs initiating new associations on - e1000: remove warning about e1000_suspend - eepro.c: module_param_array cleanup - b44: fix suspend/resume - e1000: use vmalloc_node() - revert "orinoco: Information leakage due to incorrect padding" - Better fixup for the orinoco driver - e1000: Fixes e1000_suspend warning when CONFIG_PM is not enabled - [ETH]: ether address compare - Add modalias for pmac network drivers - mv643xx_eth_showsram: Added information message when using the SRAM - [IPV4]: Fix issue reported by Coverity in ipv4/fib_frontend.c - s2io iomem annotations - bluetooth hidp is broken on s390 - drivers/net/tg3: Use the DMA_{32,64}BIT_MASK constants - prism54: Free skb after disabling interrupts - [DRIVER MODEL] Add missing platform_device.h header. - PPC 44x EMAC driver: add 440SPe support - PPC 44x EMAC driver: add 440GR support - PPC 4xx EMAC driver: fix VSC8201 PHY initialization - fec_8xx: Remove dependency on NETTA & NETPHONE - fec_8xx: Add support for Intel PHY LX971 - vmalloc_node - [ARM] 3066/1: Fix PXA irda driver suspend/resume functions - m32r: SMC91x driver update - smsc-ircc2: PM cleanup - do not close device when suspending - remove some more check_region stuff - Typo fix: dot after newline in printk strings - sparse cleanups: NULL pointers, C99 struct init. - [netdrvr 8139too] replace hand-crafted kernel thread with workqueue - [BRIDGE]: Use ether_compare - [NETFILTER]: Add "revision" support to arp_tables and ip6_tables - [ROSE]: rose_heartbeat_expiry() locking fix - [IPV6]: Fix behavior of ip6_route_input() for link local address - [DCCP]: Simplify skb_set_owner_w semantics - [DCCP]: Set socket owner iff packet is not data - [MCAST] IPv6: Check packet size when process Multicast - ibmveth fix panic in initial replenish cycle - [MCAST]: ip[6]_mc_add_src should be called when number of sources is zero - [IPV6]: inet6_ifinfo_notify should use RTM_DELLINK in addrconf_ifdown - [PKT_SCHED]: Rework QoS and/or fair queueing configuration - ARM: Reverted 2919/1: CS8900A ethernet driver modifications for the Comdial MP1000 - SUNRPC: allow sunrpc.o to link when CONFIG_SYSCTL is disabled - NFS,SUNRPC,NLM: fix unused variable warnings when CONFIG_SYSCTL is disabled - [NETFILTER] PPTP helper: Fix compilation of conntrack helper without NAT - [netdrvr 8139too] use cancel_rearming_delayed_work() to cancel thread - [netdrvr 8139too] use rtnl_shlock_nowait() rather than rtnl_lock_interruptible() - [NETFILTER]: Fix double free after netlink_unicast() in ctnetlink - [NETFILTER] nfnetlink: Use kzalloc - [NETFILTER]: CONNMARK target needs ip_conntrack - [NETEM]: use PSCHED_LESS - drivers/net/wireless/airo.c unsigned comparason - S2io: Multi buffer mode support - pcnet32: show name of failing device - pcnet32: AT2700/2701 and Bugzilla 2699 & 4551 - pcnet32: Prevent hang with 79c976 - phy address mask support for generic phy layer - [PKT_SCHED]: Generic RED layer - [NET]: Introduce INET_ECN_set_ce() function - [PKT_SCHED]: RED: Use new generic red interface - [PKT_SCHED]: RED: Use generic queue management interface - [PKT_SCHED]: RED: Dont start idle periods while already idling - [PKT_SCHED]: RED: Cleanup and remove unnecessary code - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Cleanup equalize flag and add new WRED mode detection - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Transform grio to GRED_RIO_MODE - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Cleanup dumping - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Dump table definition - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Use a central table definition change procedure - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Report out-of-bound DPs as illegal - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Use central VQ change procedure - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Use new generic red interface - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Do not reset statistics in gred_reset/gred_change - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Report congestion related drops as NET_XMIT_CN - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Use generic queue management interface - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Introduce tc_index_to_dp() - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Improve error handling and messages - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Remove initd flag - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Dont abuse default VQ for equalizing - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Remove auto-creation of default VQ - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Cleanup and remove unnecessary code - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Fix restart of idle period in WRED mode upon dequeue and drop - [PKT_SCHED]: GRED: Support ECN marking - [PKT_SCHED]: (G)RED: Introduce hard dropping - [DRIVER MODEL] Improved dynamically allocated platform_device interface - [DRIVER MODEL] Fix depca - [DRIVER MODEL] Fix jazzsonic - [DRIVER MODEL] Fix macsonic - [NETEM]: Support time based reordering - [NETEM]: Add version string - [NET]: Fix race condition in sk_stream_wait_connect - [TCP/DCCP]: Randomize port selection - drivers/net/ixgb/: make some code static - drivers/net/e1000/: possible cleanups - drivers/net/hamradio/dmascc.c: remove dmascc_setup() - prism54: Remove redundant assignment - bnx2: add 5708 support - bnx2: update firmware for 5708 - bnx2: update nvram code for 5708 - bnx2: update firmware handshake for 5708 - bnx2: refine bnx2_poll - bnx2: update version and minor fixes - Remove linux/version.h include from drivers/net/phy/1 and net/ieee80211/1. - [netdrvr] fac_8xx build fix - [netdrvr s2io] warning fixes - b44: b44_start_xmit returns with a lock held when it fails allocating - b44: miscellaneous cleanup - b44: expose counters through ethtool - b44: s/spin_lock_irqsave/spin_lock/ in b44_interrupt - b44: late request_irq in b44_open - 3c59x: convert to use of pci_iomap API - 3c59x: cleanup of mdio_read routines to use MII_1 macros - 3c59x: avoid blindly reading link status twice - 3c59x: bounds checking for hw_checksums - 3c59x: cleanup init of module parameter arrays - 3c59x: fix some grammar in module parameter descriptions - 3c59x: support ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR - 3c59x: correct rx_dropped counting - 3c59x: enable use of memory-mapped PCI I/O - 3c59x: don't enable scatter/gather w/o checksum support - knfsd: make sure svc_process call the correct pg_authenticate for multi-service port - m68knommu: FEC ethernet header support for the ColdFire 5208 - m68knommu: FEC ethernet support for the ColdFire 5208 - scripts/Lindent on ieee80211 subsystem. - Fix problem with WEP unicast key > index 0 - Update version ieee80211 stamp to 1.1.7 - Ran scripts/Lindent on drivers/net/wireless/ipw2{1,2}00.{c,h} - IPW_DEBUG has already included DRV_NAME, remove double prefix print. - Catch ipw2200 up to equivelancy with v1.0.1 - Catch ipw2200 up to equivelancy with v1.0.2 - Catch ipw2200 up to equivelancy with v1.0.3 - Catch ipw2200 up to equivelancy with v1.0.4 - Catch ipw2100 up to equivelancy with v1.1.1 - Fixed WEP on ipw2100 (priv->sec was being used instead of - [Bug 339] Fix ipw2100 iwconfig set/get txpower. - Move code from ipw2100_wpa_enable to IPW2100_PARAM_DROP_UNENCRYPTED to - Catch ipw2200 up to equivelancy with v1.0.5 - Fix hardware encryption (both WEP and AES) doesn't work with fragmentation. - Fix is_duplicate_packet() bug for fragmentation number setting. - [bug 667] Fix the notorious "No space for Tx" bug. - [Bug 637] Set tx power for A band. - Changed default # of missed beacons to miss before disassociation to 24 - Updated to support ieee80211 callback to is_queue_full for 802.11e - Fixed some compiler issues if CONFIG_IPW2200_QOS is enabled. - Added more useful geography encoding so people's experience with - Workaround kernel BUG_ON panic caused by unexpected duplicate packets. - Disable host fragmentation in open mode since IPW2200/2915 hardware - [Bug 792] Fix WPA-PSK AES both for -Dipw and -Dwext. - Fixes the ad-hoc network WEP key list issue. - [Bug 701] Fix a misuse of ieee->mode with ieee->iw_mode. - Fix ipw_wx_get_txpow shows wrong disabled value. - Fix firmware error when setting tx_power. - Modified ipw_config and STATUS_INIT setting to correct race condition - Switched firmware error dumping so that it will capture a log available - Changed all of the ipw_send_cmd() calls to return any ipw_send_cmd error - Added cmdlog in non-debug systems. - Migrated some of the channel verification code back into the driver to - Updated ipw2200 to use the new ieee80211 callbacks - Added wait_state wakeup on scan completion. - [Bug 455] Fix frequent channel change generates firmware fatal error. - [Bug 760] Fix setting WEP key in monitor mode causes IV lost. - Don't set hardware WEP if we are actually using TKIP/AES. - Make all the places the firmware fails to load showerrors (in decimal, - Adds radiotap support to ipw2200 in monitor mode.. - Fixed is_network_packet() to include checking for broadcast packets. - Mixed PTK/GTK CCMP/TKIP support. - Card with WEP enabled and using shared-key auth will have firmware - Fixed problem with get_cmd_string not existing if CONFIG_IPW_DEBUG disabled. - Removed PF_SYNCTHREAD legacy. - Fixes problem with WEP not working (association succeeds, but no Tx/Rx) - [Fix bug# 771] Too many (8) bytes recieved when using AES/hwcrypto - Fixes WEP firmware error condition. - Updated driver version stamps for ipw2100 (1.1.3) and ipw2200 (1.0.7) - Pulled out a stray KERNEL_VERSION check around the suspend handler. - Fix 'Driver using old /proc/net/wireless support, please fix driver !' message. - Removed legacy WIRELESS_EXT checks from ipw2200.c - Fixes missed beacon logic in relation to on-network AP roaming. - Removed warning about TKIP not being configured if countermeasures are - Added channel support for ipw2200 cards identified as 'ZZR' - Fixed problem with not being able to send broadcast packets. - Fixed parameter reordering in firmware log routine. - Updated firmware version stamp to 2.4 from 2.3 so it will use the latest firmware. - Update version ipw2200 stamp to 1.0.8 - fix NET_RADIO=n, IEEE80211=y compile - bonding: fix feature consolidation - kill include/linux/eeprom.h - drivers/net/s2io.c: make functions static - prism54 : Unused variable / extraneous udelay - prism54 : Transmit stats updated in wrong place - Fix sparse warning in e100 driver. - atmel: memset correct range - [IPV6]: Put addr_diff() into common header for future use. - [IPV6]: Make ipv6_addr_type() more generic so that we can use it for source address selection. - [IPV6]: RFC3484 compliant source address selection - [PKT_SCHED]: Correctly handle empty ematch trees - [NET]: sk_add_backlog convert from macro to inline - [PPP]: handle misaligned accesses - [PPP]: add PPP MPPE encryption module - [IRDA] donauboe: locking fix - [NET]: kfree cleanup - [IPV4]: Fix ip_queue_xmit identity increment for TSO packets - [Bluetooth]: Add endian annotations to the core - [Bluetooth]: Remove the usage of /proc completely - [SERIAL] IOC3: Update 8250 driver bits - skge: clear PCI PHY COMA mode on boot - skge: use kzalloc - skge: add mii ioctl support - skge: goto low power mode on shutdown - skge: use prefetch on receive - skge: spelling fixes - skge: increase version number - [wireless ipw2100] kill unused-var warnings for debug-disabled code - ieee80211: cleanup crypto list handling, other minor cleanups. - b44: replace B44_FLAG_INIT_COMPLETE with netif_running() - b44: race on device closing - b44: increase version number - dgrs: fix warnings when CONFIG_ISA and CONFIG_PCI are not enabled - IOC: And don't mark the things as broken Cowboy. - sanitize lookup_hash prototype - [NETFILTER]: packet counter of conntrack is 32bits - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: add marking support from userspace - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: add module alias to fix autoloading - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: kill unused includes - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: get_conntrack can use GFP_KERNEL - [NETFILTER] nfnetlink: only load subsystems if CAP_NET_ADMIN is set - [NETFILTER]: stop tracking ICMP error at early point - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: propagate error instaed of returning -EPERM - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: Add support to identify expectations by ID's - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: ICMP_ID is u_int16_t not u_int8_t. - [IPV6]: Fix fallout from CONFIG_IPV6_PRIVACY - [IPV6]: ip6ip6_lock is not unlocked in error path. - [NETFILTER]: Add nf_conntrack subsystem. - [NETLINK]: Type-safe netlink messages/attributes interface - [NETLINK]: Make netlink_callback->done() optional - [NETLINK]: Generic netlink receive queue processor - [XFRM]: Use generic netlink receive queue processor - [RTNETLINK]: Use generic netlink receive queue processor - [NETLINK]: Generic netlink family - SUNRPC: don't reencode when looping in call transmit. - [netdrvr 8139too] fast poll for thread, if an unlikely race occurs - [BNX2]: output driver name as prefix in error message - [BNX2]: check return of dev_alloc_skb in bnx2_test_loopback - [BNX2]: simplify parameter checks in bnx2_{get,set}_eeprom - [NET]: Detect hardware rx checksum faults correctly - [TCP]: fix congestion window update when using TSO deferal - [TCP]: simplify microsecond rtt sampling - [TCP]: add tcp_slow_start helper - [TCP]: Appropriate Byte Count support - [TCP]: receive buffer growth limiting with mixed MTU - [TCP]: spelling fixes - [TCP]: speed up SACK processing - disable DEBUG in ibmveth - sky2 needs dma_mapping.h - gianfar mii needs to zero out the mii_bus structure - [netdrvr forcedeth] remove superfluous rx engine stop/start - [netdrvr forcedeth] support for irq mitigation - [netdrvr forcedeth] phy address scan range - SAA9730: Whitespace cleanup. - SAA9730: Driver overhaul - smc91x: DB1200 support. - gt96100eth.c: Don't concatenate __FUNCTION__ with strings. - TCP: fix vegas build - [DECNET]: fix SIGPIPE - [IPV6]: Fix inet6_init missing unregister. - [SCTP]: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in sctp_v4_get_saddr - [SCTP]: Remove timeouts[] array from sctp_endpoint. - [SCTP]: Fix ia64 NaT consumption fault with sctp_sideffect commands. - [SCTP]: Include ulpevents in socket receive buffer accounting. - [IPV6]: Fix unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC allocation in fib6 dump - [ARM] Use correct IO operations for Pleb - net: allow newline terminated IP addresses in in_aton - net: make dev_valid_name public - bonding: add bond name to all error messages - bonding: expand module param descriptions - bonding: Add transmit policy to /proc - bonding: get slave name from actual slave instead of param list - bonding: move kmalloc out of spinlock in ALB init - bonding: explicitly clear RLB flag during ALB init - bonding: expose some structs - bonding: make functions not static - bonding: move bond creation into separate function - bonding: make bond_init not __init - bonding: Allow ARP target table to have empty entries - bonding: add ARP entries to /proc - bonding: add sysfs functionality to bonding (large) - bonding: version update - bonding: spelling and whitespace corrections - bonding: comments and changelog - ppc: add support for new powerbooks - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: use size_t to make gcc-4.x happy - [NETFILTER] nf_conntrack: Add missing code to TCP conntrack module - [NETFILTER] nfnetlink: unconditionally require CAP_NET_ADMIN - [NETFILTER]: link 'netfilter' before ipv4 - [NETFILTER]: cleanup IPv6 Netfilter Kconfig - [NETFILTER]: fix type of sysctl variables in nf_conntrack_ipv6 - [NETFILTER] nf_conntrack: fix possibility of infinite loop while evicting nf_ct_frag6_queue - [NETFILTER] fix leak of fragment queue at unloading nf_conntrack_ipv6 - [IPV6]: small fix for ipv6_dev_get_saddr(...) - [IPV6]: Fixes sparse warning in ipv6/ipv6_sockglue.c - [LLC]: Fix TX window scaling - [LLC]: Make core block on remote busy. - [LLC]: Fix typo - knfsd: make sure nfsd doesn't hog a cpu forever - sdladrv.c build fix - [TCP]: More spelling fixes. - [NETFILTER] Remove nf_conntrack stat proc file when cleaning up - [NETFILTER] Free layer-3 specific protocol tables at cleanup - drivers/net/sk98lin/skge.c: make SkPciWriteCfgDWord() a static inline - skge: fix warning from inlining SkPciWriteCfgDWord() - [IPV4,IPV6]: replace handmade list with hlist in IPv{4,6} reassembly - r8169: fix printk_ratelimit in the interrupt handler - r8169: do not abort when the power management capabilities are disabled - [NETFILTER]: Fix nf_conntrack compilation with CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG - ipw2200: disallow direct scanning when device is down - ipw2200: fix error log offset calculation - [TCP]: TCP highspeed build error - [LLC]: Fix compiler warnings introduced by TX window scaling changes. - [NET]: Sanitize NET_SCHED protection in /net/sched/Kconfig - [IPV6]: Fib dump really needs GFP_ATOMIC. - smc91x: fix one source of spurious interrupts - smc91x: fix bank mismatch - e100: re-enable microcode with more useful defaults - s2io: UFO support - i82593.h: make header comment GPL-compatible - IOC3: Replace obsolete PCI API - au1000_eth: Include - SAA9730: Add missing header bits. - prism54 : Remove extraneous udelay/register read - drivers/net/wireless/hermes.c unsigned int comparision - Gianfar update and sysfs support - intel ixp2000 network driver - git-netdev-all-ieee80211_get_payload-warning-fix - fec_8xx: make CONFIG_FEC_8XX depend on CONFIG_8xx - ipw2100: Fix 'Driver using old /proc/net/wireless...' message - e1000: avoid leak when e1000_setup_loopback_test fails - e1000: zero-out pointers in e1000_free_desc_rings - [wireless hermes] build fix - [TCP] BIC: remove low utilization code. - [TCP] BIC: spelling and whitespace - [TCP] BIC: CUBIC window growth (2.0) - [NETFILTER] ip_tables: NUMA-aware allocation - [PKT_SCHED]: sch_netem: correctly order packets to be sent simultaneously - [NET]: Reject socket filter if division by constant zero is attempted. - [IPV6]: Acquire addrconf_hash_lock for read in addrconf_verify(...) - [FIB_TRIE]: Don't show local table in /proc/net/route output - [NETFILTER]: fixed dependencies between modules related with ip_conntrack - [DCCP]: Add missing no_policy flag to struct net_protocol - net: Fix compiler-error on dgrs.c when !CONFIG_PCI - [NETFILTER] ebtables: Support nf_log API from ebt_log and ebt_ulog - [NETFILTER] arp_tables: Fix bug introduced with NUMA aware allocation - [NETLINK]: Use tgid instead of pid for nlmsg_pid - [IPV4]: Fix secondary IP addresses after promotion - [IPV4]: Safer reassembly - [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: Fix refcount leak ip_conntrack/nat_proto - [NETFILTER]: ip_conntrack_netlink.c needs linux/interrupt.h - [BRIDGE]: recompute features when adding a new device - SUNRPC: Funny looking code in __rpc_purge_upcall - [NETFILTER]: zap get_cpu()/put_cpu() calls from ip_tables - [NETFILTER]: Fix table iteration breakage in {ip6,arp}_tables - [bonding] Remove superfluous changelog. - [IPV6]: Implement appropriate dummy rule 4 in ipv6_dev_get_saddr(). - [IPV4] tcp/route: Another look at hash table sizes - [ATM]: always return the first interface for ATM_ITF_ANY - [ATM]: atm_pcr_goal() doesn't modify its argument's contents -- mark it as const - [ATM]: attempt to autoload atm drivers - [ATM]: avoid race conditions related to atm_devs list - [ATM]: deregistration removes device from atm_devs list immediately - [NET]: Add const markers to various variables. - [IPV4]: make two functions static - [NETFILTER] ipv4: small cleanups - [IPV6]: make two functions static - [IPV6]: Reuse inet_csk_get_port in tcp_v6_get_port - [IPV6]: Generalise __tcp_v6_hash, renaming it to __inet6_hash - b44: missing netif_wake_queue() in b44_open() - b44: early return in dev->do_ioctl when the device is not up - b44: increase version number - e1000: fix for dhcp issue - sky2: eliminate special case for EC-A1 - sky2: add MII support - sky2: fix receive flush/pause issues - sky2: improve receive performance - sky2: add Yukon-EC ultra support - sky2: handle DMA boundary crossing - sky2: change netif_rx_schedule_test to __netif_schedule_prep - sky2: race with MTU change - sky2: dual port tx completion - sky2: byteorder annotation - sky2: remove pci-express hacks - sky2: use pci_register_driver - sky2: update version number - sk98lin: add permanent address support - sk98lin: avoid message confusion with skge - sk98lin: remove redundant fields in device info - ibm_emac: fix graceful stop timeout handling - ixp2000: register netdevices last - pm3386: zero stats properly - pm3386: remove unnecessary udelays - caleb/pm3386: include proper header files - ixp2000: use netif_rx_schedule_test - enp2611: don't check netif_running() in link status timer - enp2611: use 'dev' in link status timer - enp2611: report link up/down events - ixp2000: report MAC addresses for each port on init - pm3386: add hook for setting MAC address - pm3386: add hook for setting carrier - pm3386: implement reset - enp2611: disable/enable SERDES carrier on interface down/up - ixp2000: add netpoll support - ixp2000: add driver version, bump version to 0.2 - mipsnet: Fix Copyright notice. - jazzsonic: Fix build error. - jazzsonic: Fix platform device code - orinoco: fix setting power management parameters - skge: handle VLAN checksum correctly on yukon rev 0 - [wireless airo] reset card in init - [netdrvr fmvj18x_cs] fix multicast bug - airo.c: add support for IW_ENCODE_TEMP (i.e. xsupplicant) - [netdrvr skge] fix typo, fix build - ipw2200: kzalloc conversion and Kconfig dependency fix - Duplicate IPW_DEBUG option for ipw2100 and 2200 - sky2: interrupt not cleared. Please direct all bug reports to me (linville@redhat.com), provided that they are bugs which are not present in the corresponding official Fedora kernel.

Thanks! -- John W. Linville [e-mail:linville@redhat.com]

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