Mozilla Links Newsletter - 16 - March 30, 2004

Posted by dave on Mar 30, 2004 1:22 PM EDT
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Following our coverage of other Mozilla applications, this issue is focused in ChatZilla, an IRC client application. If it doesn't tell you much, let's say it allows a group of people to join in virtual rooms and freely talk in it or to a specific person.

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 16 - March 30, 2004

Welcome back to Mozilla Links!

Following our coverage of other Mozilla applications, this issue is focused in ChatZilla, an IRC client application. If it doesn't tell you much, let's say it allows a group of people to join in virtual rooms and freely talk in it or to a specific person.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat), is a very old Internet service (older than the web) and has evolved to a community of millions of people from all over the world interested in meeting others for discussing any sort of matter, file exchanging (in fact IRC used to be the most efficient way of file sharing before peer to peer (P2P) networks like BitTorrent and Gnutella) or any other reason you may think about.

Where instant messaging is better suited for one-to-one chat, or small known groups, IRC lets you easily get into the unknown, since it doesn't require authentication or logins. Choose your nickname, a server and a room and you are in. This is what ChatZilla is about.

As a start, drop by irc:// to meet other members of the Mozilla community.

Thanks for reading and please send any comments to [] .

Percy Cabello Mozilla Links

---------------------------------------------------------------------- In this issue:

1. BETTER MOZILLA - ChatZilla - IRC Commands Tab Completion - Customize ChatZilla With Motifs

2. THE NEWS - Mozilla 1.7 Beta - Nvu 0.2 Released - Mozilla Foundation Open Letter Orders Unofficial Mozilla Merchandise Sellers to Stop, Legal Action Hinted - Mozilla Foundation Soliciting Proposals for Support Services


4. MOZILLA PROJECTS - Project of the Week: Email Vault for Mozilla (EVM) - Independent Status Report



1. BETTER MOZILLA ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured Extension: ChatZilla (developed by Robert Ginda, James Ross, Samuel Sie, et al.)

ChatZilla is a simple IRC client completely developed with Mozilla technologies (JavaScript and XUL). It is part of the Mozilla Application Suite but also available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Among other features, ChatZilla allows to define rooms (also called channels) you want to automatically enter as soon as ChatZilla is launched, set autoload scripts (a group of tasks you want ChatZilla to do when starting up), log ongoing conversation to a specifed file, customize the look of the different chat windows with motifs, define a list of important words or stalks so ChatZilla will highlight/notify when typed in a room, converts "bug" followed by a number to a bugzilla (Mozilla issues tracking system) link.

However, don't get it wrong. ChatZilla is not intended (at least not at this moment) to be a full featured IRC client. Instead, it focuses in providing and easy and very light Internet chat tool. DCC (Direct Client-to-Client), the protocol used to establish a direct connection (not going through the IRC server and so more secure and faster) between two persons in a room has just been added in the lastest version.

ChatZilla home

Download the latest ChatZilla for Mozilla Firefox (165KB), here: Besides a new option in the "Tools" menu, it will create a ChatZilla button you can add to your toolbar.

Localized versions: French: Spanish:

Complete IRC information can be found here:

Donate to ChatZilla project:


Mozilla Links Tip: IRC Commands Tab Completion (from ChatZilla User Guide, edited by Percy Cabello)

The input box is where you type ChatZilla commands and text to send to users and channels. The default command character is a "/". You can use tab completion to execute commands by entering only the first characters.

For example, if you type "/quo" and press TAB, ChatZilla will autocomplete the command to become "quote". You can even just enter the abbreviated command and the parameter like "/quo nickname" and ChatZilla will autocomplete and execute the command.

If you don't type enough characters and ChatZilla is not capable of determining what command you are trying to type, it will display an informative message listing possible commands starting with the characters you just typed.

If a channel view is active, tab completion works for nicknames as well. If the word you are typing is the first word in the input box, and it does not start with the command character ("/" by default), press TAB and ChatZilla will match against the list of nicknames for the channel.

More information can be found in ChatZilla User Guide:


Mozilla Links PowerTip: Customize ChatZilla With Motifs (contributed by Percy Cabello)

Motifs are nothing but CSS (Cascade Style Sheets, the standard for defining the style of web content) files or style sheets designed specifically to format ChatZilla chat windows.

If you want to change the look of ChatZilla, open the "View" menu, select "Color Scheme" and click on the desired motif. Three styles are provided by default: dark, light and default.

If you want to try different styles for dark, light and default, open the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences". Open the "Appearance" tab. In the Motifs section, for each default style, browse for your personal style sheet (.CSS file).

You can find motifs here:

Just download each .CSS file to your prefered location and browse to it from the "Preferences" window, as explained.

You can also set a different motif directly from the chat window. Type /motif and the URL of the .CSS file you want to use. For example, you can type


to use the output-mullusko motif. Or you can also create your own personal motif. It could be a great excuse to learn CSS!


Need more tips? Try the TipBar Extension to get the Tip of the Day in Mozilla Firefox. Grab it at

You can also visit for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to [] .

2. THE NEWS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by MozillaZine, your source for Mozilla news and advocacy. )

Mozilla 1.7 Beta ---------------- The Mozilla Foundation has released Mozilla 1.7 Beta, the latest test version of the Mozilla Application Suite. 1.7b features hundreds of improvements, including a new preference to stop sites blocking the standard page context menu and a Password Manager option to show the actual saved passwords. The cookie handling user interface has also been redesigned and the 'Set As Wallpaper' feature now has a confirmation dialogue, preventing accidental wallpaper changes. Standards compliance continues to improve, with Mozilla now understanding the CSS3 opacity property and a long-standing bug with CSS backgrounds in tables resolved. In addition, using XMLHttpRequest and the multipart/x-mixed-replace MIME type, servers can now push XML documents to Mozilla.

Mail & Newsgroups sports several new features in 1.7b, including support for the IMAP IDLE command, which allows the mail server to inform Mozilla of changes such as new messages, and support for Secure Password Authentication for POP3 and SMTP. Performance when downloading, viewing and saving messages has also been improved and the Address Book Palm synchronisation feature has been improved.

The installer releases of Mozilla 1.7 Beta now include Quality Feedback Agent again, allowing users to report crashes, and the Linux GTK2 builds have improved support for OS themes. Compared to Mozilla 1.6, 1.7b is 7% faster to start up, 8% faster to open new windows and 9% faster to load pages. And it does all this while being 5% smaller.

Mozilla 1.7 Beta Release Notes:

Download Mozilla 1.7 Beta:

Full story:

Nvu 0.2 Released ---------------- The second major milestone release of Nvu, the Web publishing application based on Mozilla Composer, is now available for Linux and Windows. The main new feature in Nvu 0.2 is support for the creation, modification and utilisation of templates, preset pages that can include both editable and static elements. Version 0.2 also allows more CSS properties to be applied to pages and lets users to extract inline styles and make them into classes.

Based on Mozilla 1.7 Beta, Nvu 0.2 was developed by Daniel Glazman's Disruptive Innovations for

Nvu 0.2 information and downloads:

Full story:

Mozilla Foundation Open Letter Orders Unofficial Mozilla Merchandise Sellers to Stop, Legal Action Hinted -------------------------------------------------------------------- staff member Gervase Markham has posted an open letter to the Mozilla newsgroups addressed to those who sell goods bearing the Mozilla name or logos: "The following is an open letter to anyone selling Mozilla-branded merchandise. It's being posted rather than emailed in the spirit of openness, and to ensure everyone who needs to read it can see a copy."

The letter urges those selling products with the Mozilla insignia to stop and contact the Mozilla Foundation for further discussion on how to proceed. Noting that the retailing of Mozilla-branded wares without permission is an infringment of the Foundation's trademark rights, the letter hints that legal action may taken against those who refuse to heed the advice.

Open letter to merchandise sellers: [e-mail:/groups]

Full story:

Mozilla Foundation Soliciting Proposals for Support Services ------------------------------------------------------------ The Mozilla Foundation is exploring offering additional end user support options, in addition or instead of the existing telephone support provided by DecisionOne. To this end, the Foundation is soliciting proposals from companies or community members who wish to be awarded contracts to provide these services. Submissions must be well thought out and shown to be viable.

Full story:

3. MOZILLA INSIDER ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by Alex Bishop)

Frank Hecker has posted a proposal for deciding which certificate authority (CA) certificates should ship with Mozilla. The CA certificates tell Mozilla which security certificates it should trust by default. The previous policy was just to ship whichever CA certificates Netscape approved.

Default artwork for Mozilla Firefox has been checked in. This artwork is built by default, with a special flag used to pull the official artwork if the build has Mozilla Foundation approval. Meanwhile, autocomplete entries listed in the Mozilla Firefox Location Bar can now be deleted using Shift + Delete (bug 171605).

On the security front, Microsoft's Negotiate Authentication protocol is supported using GSSAPI on Linux and Mac OS X (bug 17578). A Windows implementation using SSPI is under development (bug 237586). In addition, GNOME 2.6 users will be able to use Mozilla to browse file systems to which they have SSH access to using SFTP (bug 235895).

Frank Hecker's CA certificate policy proposal: [e-mail:/groups]

Bug 171605:

Bug 17578:

Bug 237586:

Bug 235895:

Full status update:

4. MOZILLA PROJECTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by Brian King)

Project of the Week: Email Vault for Mozilla

With Email Vault for Mozilla (EVM) you can store your Mozilla emails in a database. Instead of the known Mozilla folders of the Mozilla MailNews client, you will find 'categories' which can be linked with the mails. One mail can be linked to several categories or even its subcategories. The mail itself is stored only once in the database. EVM provides a nice user interface similar on top of the known Mozilla MailNews client design. When you, for example, want to answer to a mail in EVM, the normal Mozilla reply window will be opened, so it is intuitive to use. You can also search for mails in EVM, and will find a useful help file. The current version, 1.4. It does not yet run on a Mac, but this is being worked on.


Independent Status Reports

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

The latest report was posted on March 28, 2004 and includes:

cdn - Link Toolbar 0.7.1 brings Mozilla's Link Toolbar / Site Navigation bar to Firefox. It adds a panel to the status bar for navigating links provided by Web pages that use the HTML "" element. Now incorporated is Linkit-style link finding, e.g. page links are searched for tell-tale phrases - note that this isn't fool-proof. Localisations include de-AT, fr-FR, it-IT, nl-NL and sv-SE.

Feed Parser - v0.5.1 is an RSS Parsing Engine written in JavaScript. Feed Parser is an object-oriented RSS 0.9x/1.0/2.0 parsing engine written in JavaScript. It is not intended for normal webpage use because of the security requirements for utilizing and manipulating cross-domain documents. Current Highlights include logical, easy to use, element subelement syntax.

CookieCuller - v1.0, is modified version of the Cookie Manager built into Firefox browser. It allows you to easily protect cookies you want to save and quickly delete the rest. CookieCuller has been created as a chrome extension for easy installation and use.

One Click is a set of online tools that can be started with a single click. Presented as a sidebar tab, it contains many different applications in one easy to use interface. Current included features include the MineSweeper and BattleShip games, an instant calculator and Tips 'n Tricks.

Email Vault for Mozilla (EVM) - v1.4, for copying mails to a DB, into several categories instead of folders, plus a nice user interface. With EVM, you can store your mails in a database in one or more categories (but storing it physically once only). You can build categories by your own and rename them. And you may search for, and find, mails by attributes. The current XPI working and ready for testing so send feedback!

Mozwho - v0.4, making the connections. Mozwho provides a portal style view of your bookmarks, allowing you to also cross link to other entries from the same domain in your history. Mozwho also renders bookmark searches to HTML and offers a URL for bookmark search accessible via a search plugin or keyword bookmark. Notable Highlights in v0.4 are skinnability, better keyboard navigation and a Firefix search plugin.

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at

5. MOZILLA LINKS POLL ----------------------------------------------------------------------

This issue's poll: Do you use IRC?

- Yes with ChatZilla - Yes with mIRC - Yes with other IRC application - No

Due to a problem with our polls' provider ( we are reposting last issue's poll: What PIM (personal information manager) do you use?

- Mozilla Calendar - Microsoft Outlook - Ximian Evolution - another PIM - No, but looking for one - No, don't need one

Let your voice be counted at

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