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  1. Steam Computer Gaming Network Now Accepting Bitcoin
  2. Certified OpenStack administrator exam now available
  3. Verizon taps Red Hat and OpenStack for its NFV deployment
  4. Red Hat powers cloud-scale DevOps with the general availability of Red Hat Cloud Suite and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8
  5. Vivaldi Browser For Power Users Is Smooth, Fast And Highly Customizable: Here Are The Top Features
  6. Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Echo-like speaker with this recipe from Amazon
  7. Animation software used by Studio Ghibli is going open source
  8. Microsoft loves open source? Only when it's convenient
  9. Microsoft Azure continues open source love affair
  10. Canonical fulfills its Linux convergence vision with BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet
  11. Near-Unlimited Cloud Storage Service Is Shutting Down
  12. Weather forecasting supercomputer gets a $36m upgrade
  13. French police want to ban Tor, public Wi-Fi
  14. Carnegie Mellon: We Didn't Get $1M to Hack Tor
  15. China's supercomputer growth is exploding while the US is losing steam
  16. How OpenStack's Project Navigator aims to steer users' cloud choices
  17. Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux
  18. IBM will unite efforts with computing agency GENCI
  19. Hack Amazon's Dash buttons to do things other than buying stuff
  20. Mozilla slams Microsoft over Windows 10's default browser switcheroo
  21. Microsoft Visual Studio understands a world beyond Windows
  22. IBM prepares Spark for machine learning
  23. LogJam encryption flaw fix will block some websites
  24. Popcorn Time Now Streams Movies To A Browser Making It Scary Easy To Pirate
  25. Could Windows go open source? A top Microsoft engineer says 'definitely possible'
  26. Windows Was Less Vulnerable Than OS X, Linux, and iOS in 2014: Report
  27. Lenovo Sued Over Superfish Adware
  28. HP Joins Dell, Juniper in Offering Open Network Switches
  29. Breaking smart TV surveillance capabilities may be a felony
  30. LG Shows Off WebOS Smartwatch at CES
  31. Microsoft (hearts) Linux, for Azure's sake
  32. Attack code for 'unpatchable' USB flaw released
  33. Docker, the hottest cloud startup in the West, adds $40M
  34. What HP Gains In Eucalyptus Cloud Deal
  35. Citrix and Google partner to bring native enterprise features to Chromebooks
  36. This app will shut down everything on your phone until you call your mom back
  37. CenturyLink rolls out Panamax, using Docker even gets easier
  38. Massive, undetectable security flaw found in USB.
  39. Tor Project working to fix weakness that can unmask users
  40. Microsoft Contractors Face New Work Limits
  41. You Can Now Edit Microsoft Office Files in Google Docs
  42. With Android L, Google makes pitch for enterprise users
  43. Oracle Boosts Virtualization and Cloud Capabilities in Latest ZFS Storage ZS3 Series Release
  44. Joyent Joins Containers Debate
  45. Red Hat Acquires Cloud Services Provider eNovance
  46. Comcast wants you to share your WiFi
  47. New OpenSSL vulnerability puts encrypted communications at risk of spying
  48. GCHQ grants security clearance to Samsung's Knox mobe security
  49. Microsoft in OPEN-SOURCE .Net love-in with new foundation
  50. AT&T teams with IBM, Linux Foundation to get cities onboard with Internet of Things
  51. DARPA Opens Software, Data To Public
  52. Canonical Now Says Ubuntu Touch Phones Won't Arrive Before 2015
  53. Ubuntu Touch Support Dropped for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (2012), and Nexus 10
  54. Ubuntu maker boosted revenue in 2013 but doubled loss to $21 million
  55. Microsoft Uses Pawn Stars to Attack Google Chromebook
  56. Heads up Apple, here comes 64-bit Android on Intel
  57. Humble Store Opens With 24-Hour Debut Sale
  58. Yahoo hires Google’s Technical Lead for Android’s Open Source Project
  59. Valve Hints at Steam Box News for Next Week
  60. Linux gets a boost from mobile
  61. Groklaw Shuts Down, Cites Government Surveillance
  62. Google introduces $35 device that streams video to your TV
  63. Utilite touts $99 ARM-powered Linux PC
  64. Liven Up Your Ubuntu Desktop With ZonColor Themes
  65. Cray descends to midrange HPC shops with baby XC30 supers
  66. Microsoft: Steam Box Is Small Fry Compared To Xbox
  67. Will ARM become more powerful than Intel by using less power? (interview)