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  26. Censorship isn't a goal. It's a symptom.
  27. The Linux Desktop is already the new normal
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  38. Power in Numbers
  39. Barnes and Noble: The Patent System is Broken
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  47. Of Trolls, Individual Accountability and the Internet
  48. The Road Not Well Traveled: Two Developers Think Outside the Box
  49. 'Bitrot' Not a GNU/Linux Issue
  50. The Other Shoe Drops: Founder Announces Retirement, Fuduntu End of Life
  51. Developer Dissatisfaction Looms with Systemd
  52. Dedoimedo with: A Beard and a Pipe
  53. Systemd: The New PulseAudio
  54. How are you going to keep them down on the farm?
  55. Through a BIG Straw
  56. Microsoft Proxy Fight Against Android Alleging 'Antitrust' Offenses
  57. Fighting the Patents Industry Which Focuses on Software
  58. Consider Yourself Properly Corrected
  59. Bad Simon. Bad
  60. Migration Needs a Plan
  61. YUM: A Breed Apart
  62. Adaptation is Hard, Power is Hard
  63. G+ "Lets Talk About It" Sunday Featuring Special Guest Dietrich Schmitz
  64. War is Peace, Diversity is Fragmentation, Versatile is Difficult
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  66. The PC is Here to Stay
  67. Linux Advocates and Freedom Advocates
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